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HOW Are Folks Getting Their Troops Up To Mythic So FAST?!

Somebody please spill the secret?!

Many of the people who get their mythics up instantly have been playing for 1-2 years, so they have had much more time to accumulate resources.

Many of these people are also in the top guilds in the game that pay out higher resources than other guilds.


Hmmm, that makes sense.

To expand on Tacet’s answer, when I first started, there wasn’t a mythic category and no ascending to higher rarities. So I was in a habit of selling all my cards to get souls.

When the update came for Mythics, I was crying that I had sacrificed all my Gorgothas and similar. It took me months to get my first mythic ascension.

Now, I have resources sitting around so if something comes out that I want to get to mythic, I can open chests until I do so, hence same day mythics when something is released.

For me, it was that I never did sell cards for souls. I kept everything, so I have hundreds of certain cards and getting them to mythic was super simple.

So, I guess my next question is, how much souls, gold, glory can you get in like 2 hours?

That’s a very difficult question to answer, given that there are multiple game modes with different rewards.

Not sure how much in 2 hours but PVP is best for getting gold. I usually get between 2000 - 3000 per match.

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I can give you weekly numbers: 1-1,5mil gold, 10-15k glory, 50k souls
Each troops in the shop gets bought and trated to mythic, except commons ^^
The rest of the ressources get spend on glory offers just for the 1-of traitstone if I need them. Not unusual that I end up with 10-20 new troops AFTER getting them to mythic on monday :wink:

WHOA!! HOW are you getting that much weekly?! Spill the beans please?!

Pvp and maps.

They were using VALKYRIE in their team for months and months to gather Souls. However as of a little bit ago this is no longer possible, you might want to read the updated patch notes from today.

Lots of troops were given Necromancy so there may be an alternative. (TBD)

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Vlk lost necro, some other troops gained it, and two soul generators now make souls that scale off of magic.