What happened with the souls cap?

I have a 2.75 multiplier on souls. Before the update, I could get 110 souls per battle. Makes sense. 40 X 2.75 = 110. Now, though the handy little reminder in the upper left still says I have a 2.75 multiplier, my soul gain is limited to 90. That doesn’t even translate. A 32 cap would yield 88 souls with my multiplier, and a 33 cap would yield 91 souls. Are you simply limited to 90 souls per battle no matter what your multiplier is?

Any chance you wer using a troop with Necromancy and swapped them out? They make a huge difference

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Yes. I use Valkyrie. Still, I have always used her, and it used to take 3 spells to get to the 110 cap. I have tried to prolong a few games to see what happens, and even with casting 6 or more times, I can’t earn more than 90 souls.

I will look into this. Also i am not a dev so do not take this as a dev post.

There was a bug with resources bonuses not applying. Might be related?

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I think I might have figured it out. My difficulty is set at Warlord 1 (+50% souls.) You take that off, and 2.25 X 40 = 90. I remember reading somewhere that the new plan of PvP being only playable at normal difficulty–which was stated but didn’t work in the last version–was going to be fixed by this version. So apparently, it is. Thanks developers, I guess. :neutral_face:


Yes, as intended, difficulty doesn’t apply to Ranked PvP so the bonuses don’t either.

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The soul gain has decreased as i tested it with my soul grinding team. i got 60 souls instead of 70.
Also i tested this outside of pvp to be unbiased by pvp shenanigans.

Yup, kinda sucks getting fewer Souls and Gold from lower multipliers. If you just want Souls then Casual or Arena are solid.