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Troops getting new in Mythic troops

Okay I have a question I have been trying for over a month and a half almost 2 months of straight playing and trying to get some Mythic troops well almost two months have gone by I have not gotten any new troops any Mythic what the hell is going on with this I can see people down in the 300 level and I’m up in the 700 level and still no Mythic troops what kind of cheating crap is this

Mythic troops are supposed to be hard to get.

Are you in a decent guild? The rewards are well worth it.


I’m in a guild but seems to be okay I’m just trying to figure out the
system and because the ones I’m looking for a lot of people in the lower
levels have and I can’t get nowhere near it I haven’t gotten any new troops
in 2 months all the troops I get are all the ones I already have so what’s
going on with that

The ones I am referring to is like famine Queen Mab the emperor one I can’t
think of his name right off I can’t get nowhere near those at all

Famine is Mythic and quite hard to get. Both Queen Mab and Emperor Khorvash are base Legendaries and are slightly easier to get. Best chance at getting them would be to wait for a Glacial Peaks or Leonis Empire event (respectively) and use your Event Keys mostly then.

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I spent gems on 40 gem chests and got 2 emperor khorvash cards and queen aurora. I guess its luck and perciverance

There’s a thread here somewhere detailing the % chance to get them. It was something like 1000 gem chests for a mythic, 10,000 glory chests.

Well yeah I know I put in a lot more than that and still haven’t gotten any
of those

@Thommr unfortunately only luck can help you for now if you need a specific mythic but the good news is we will get an update soon and you will be able to craft mythic cards.

It will probably cost lot of ressource to craft a mythic card but at least you will know exactly what you need to craft it

That sounds awesome I’ve been playing almost a year now and I’m still
playing the lower level people and not always winning please keep me
updated on this thank you

I’m trying to find out what’s going on with this new update I’ve noticed a
lot of complaints and just about everybody does not like it I’ve lost five
people out of my guild that I have worked my butt off for the last month
trying to build that are quitting the game because of the new update is
there going to be changes or is this what it’s going to be

seems like this update will stay, but they are going to tweak it so the text/numbers are more readable - at the least

quality of life improvements - yes
back to old graphic set - no

thats what it seems for now