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Why are epics so hard to get? Cost too much glory?

I.E. Rowanne , ferit, luther, Atlanta , etc i still have these at epics level despite everday play and level 280? And epics at 400 glory per epics just sounds too expensive when its 2000 glory to legendary and 4000 glory to mythic?
I remember bd legendary was 400 glory per card.

Some cards just refuse to drop for you, that’s how it is. I just got my last base Epic to Legendary around Level 450


Actually you’d need 6 to get to legendary and 16 to mythic so 2400 and 4000 more for 6400 total per Epic.

Difference though is you also get gold, souls, and traitstones too unlike before.

And for comparison. Legendary troops at 500 glory would need 3000 to mythic. Super rares at 300 glory would need 12300. And commons at 300 for 3 would need 19200 to mythic.

You need way more of the Epics to get to Mythic than you do for Legendaries (16 vs 6, as said), but additionally… the number of Epics is far greater than the number of Legendaries, at least twice as many. This being for RNG troops anyway, not Glory Bundles.

And the economy has changed vastly since Bone Dragon was available for Glory. For that matter I think he was considerably less expensive than that at the time.

To reduce epic packs price, arcanes needs to be removed. What are you think about that @Sirrian @Nimhain ?

No. No. No.

That is the only practical, guaranteed, non stress inducing way to get arcanes in the game. Remove that and you kill many people’s chances on ever traiting fully epics and higher. I have 4 legendary troops fully traited at level 190. Only reason why was because I bought those glory troops like they were going out of style. Even with exploring, it can take way too long to get what you need.

Not that event troops are easy mode cause you still have to work it hard to get enough glory. But it’s a far less frustrating process.


Honestly it is annoying how hard epics can be to get (even with VIP chests) but what is more annoying is that they take so many arcanes to level up (I think it’s 12 for epics and 16 for legendaries?).

On the RNG side I might slightly agree there - I got my last epic only slightly before my last legendary (at level 740, btw), and aside from stuff that isn’t in chests yet, epics are the only troops in my collection that are actually still Epic or below. Coupled with how useless a lot of the Epic troops are, even compared to rares and ultra rares, and especially if you don’t get them until later, they do seem a bit on the rare side.

On the glory cost side, however, Epic packs are the by far the best value. Even if you won’t use the troop at all, just get as many as you can for the traitstones, with the added bonus they then become easy to ascend and at least this part of your collection will be complete going forward. Conversely, buy light on the Ultra-Rares and Commons (unless you really want the stones) because price per stone is much higher and they are much easier to ascend in the long run. I don’t see an issue here.

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Why you assume from the start, that devs would replace packs instead of creating ones without arcanes?

I hope they do not listen to you, no offense :stuck_out_tongue:
It is so nice having those traitstones in the packs!


I love the traitstones in the glory packs my only problem is getting the 400 glory before the week runs out…_.Sigh.

If you don’t have enough time to do the full push to PvP tier 1 each week, which should put you over 400 by itself between the tier, battle, and daily rewards, you can try running a few treasure hunts to fill in the gaps. Also, collecting income as often as possible (hourly) to maximize tribute chance helps a ton especially with glory in the long run, if you have the means to do so. If you aren’t in an active guild, try to get in one, as you also get a bit of glory from opening glory keys, so even slower guilds with a lot of contributors are better than no guild or dead guilds. You’ll find the 400 glory gets more and more trivial as you progress.

What does one have to do to get a Hellcat around here? I’m level 498 and can’t even get one to drop from a VIP chest. It’s one thing not to get a Mythic (I’ve none of those either), but an Epic? :unamused:

Epics are easiest to get when their event week rolls around. Otherwise, yes, it’s a crap shoot. There are many Epics so VIP chests to target a specific one are a bad idea.

With 25 kingdoms now that could be 1/2 year later!!

Yeah… :cry: I just don’t think there’s any other way to efficiently get an epic whose launch week you missed. The same could be said about any other rarity, it’s just that you can sort of “shotgun” UR and below.

Luckily for me as long as I have at least 1 copy of each troop I’m happy. I don’t have the OCD trait to ascend them all to mythic. Which seems to inflict quite a lot of people playing this game, for some reason!


I finally got Hellcat today at level 547, from a VIP chest. :blush: