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So I just hit VIP level 8 **Console Version**

I am playing the console version and just hit VIP level 8, which means all new troops will be level 10 automatically.

If I disenchant my mythics so that I have NONE of those cards, when I get them back will they jump to level 10?

If so that seems like a very good way to level cards for cheap. As it stands I have every console card EXCEPT for Moloch and Orion, they continue to evade me.

It should do that for you.

However, Epics aren’t that easy to come by especially if you’re wanting to ascend them. It’s your decision but I feel the souls are easier to come by than having to re-pull the Epics.

I should clarify, I meant ultra rares and below that I have ascended to mythic level. I used the term epic instead of mythic originally and have since fixed that.

Legendaries and Epics will remain soul leveled.

Vip 8 lol why? i only bought the Dragon Armor long Time ago but it was a waste of Money . Its easy to get 500 Gems.

Now iam close to Level 1000 140~ Mystic Cards Level 20 so what :confused: and some People still say ‘’ GoW is a pay to win Game ‘’ looooool

Because some people like the game and want to support the devs and buy items so the don’t have to grind as hard.

Every person that’s a VIP of some level means everyone else gets to play for free.

No offense but you don’t want people busting on you in your recruitment thread, so why are you busting on someone for spending his own money?


People are free to spend their money how they chose. I’m planning on going to VIP 5 (only 2 now), which is like $130 total because I’ve enjoyed the game and games don’t make themselves. Yes it is fully possible to get everything for free, but its a choice.

Heck, if only I could transfer the 90 I put on the Division + DLC to GoW… but that is off topic.


perhaps little offtopic but you should buy a new TV and dont spend 500 $ into a Game :smiley: