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VIP Rewards System

As the game has progressed and grown, is it perhaps time to rethink the VIP Rewards system?

Bringing this up because with all the new features and currencies featured in the game, receiving a handful of mostly useless keys and 1000 gold a day seems paltry after attaining VIP level 20.
Absolutely loving the new features and modes in 3.3, but would love to feel like all that cash was getting us something beyond a legendary task reward or less.


Agreed. I think they should look at a lot of the long-standing reward systems and reevaluate them for the current meta. Also loving the new content.

Getting VIP 3 or maybe 5 really is the most I would recommend anyone EVER to go to under the current rewards (they suck - and I’m VIP 11 I wish I had stopped at 5 in hindsight). They should switch the glory keys to Gem keys and the Gem keys to VIP keys for starters that should be done tomorrow!


To be fair and honest. I have played numerous F2P over the years and GoW is one of the only games that gives you anything over time. The others will typically let you do this action or that for free, so does GoW at the right VIP etc. So they give you the traditional VIP treatment plus a small additional daily thank you. You should be happy to get it. Considering in another game your thanks is only in the traditional VIP treatment. Past that you get nothing. Even if the thank you is small. Its still more than what another F2P would give you.

Unless you can tell me what games, what did you spend and what did you get your post makes no argument as far as “GoW VIP” being a fair reward system.

Here I’ll do one for you; Neverwinter was a FTP game I played. I’ll use it as an example of how I don’t think GOW has a good or “fair” VIP system at all in comparison.


The VIP ranks cost about $10 for a month and your rank never goes away (similar to GoW) the difference is VIP 5 costs $50 VIP 10 costs $100 vs GoW where it is what for VIP 10 about $1,000?

I just don’t see how anyone thinks GoW VIP ranks are worth the money. I’m all for supporting games I play but GoW does a very poor job of enticing people to ever want to go beyond VIP 3 or 5 in my opinion.