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So I just got VIP8... Disappointing. Very Disappointing

When it says I get lv10 of new cards. I assumed it meant any card I pull out of a chest that is < level 10 will be level 10. This is not how it works. It’s stupid that I have to disenchant all my level 1 cards now and hope to re-pull them from chests later. It really makes you notice how bad turning cards into spirit is. It takes forever to get through some of the heavier piles of cards. Why can’t we just have a button that says “All but 4 this card” or something…


Before you are going to do that, beware that it doesn’t work!

You only get level 10 cards when it is a real new card that you haven’t collected before.


Have you tried it though, or is that just an assumption on your side?

I vaguely remember someone saying it does work, either a dev or someone who actually tried.

EDIT: It’s a dev who tried, apparently. Here’s the quote:

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It worked for me. Now I only did it with Ultra Rares and below, but I disenchanted all my level 1, and when I reacquired them they were level 10.

I haven’t tried it myself, but a family member did. It was a long time ago though, so apparently that has been fixed meanwhile?

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I worked with me a long time ago. I hoarded a ton of keys, then disenchanted everything below level 10 (ultra-rare and below). Went on my key spree and they all came back as level 10. Troops with traits also kept them upon lvl 10 return.


Surprised you have any cards less than level 10 since 1 and 3 gold star kingdoms is so important.

Yes as @yonizaf said it does work. Did mine 2 months ago :slight_smile:

It works, I have been disenchanting all my cards with exception of legendaries once they are Mythic level. I have some 2k keys saved up so I have been doing this every 200 keys or so.

So far every card I got back has been level 10.

As an aside:
I absolutely do NOT recommend disenchanting all the cards until they are mythic level and I don’t feel risking legendaries or higher is worth it either.


You could DE All cards after feeding them though? You’ll only miss 1 card really.

I feel you man I’m a VIP 10 and am disappointed

Well, not everything can be as useful as automatically free spying.

Spying and VIP chests. All I wanted, rest is just icing on the cake.

I filed a ticket with support and asked if they would make it retroactive and they did. ALL my cards were then put to level 10.

I’m VIP10. I feel like my continued playing of the game means I support the devs over the 2 years I’ve been playing.

Congrats to you. (Not sarcastic. Text doesn’t always carry sentiment well.)

How do you long term players not have all your troops at level 10 already to get at least one gold star on the kingdom? One and three gold stars has been my primary goal since us console people got that patched in.

Well except for Drifting Sands, all of mine were at 15 so that’s why I don’t look at that level 10 bonus much. I have the level 5 one though so it saves a little souls. Icing. But it was cool they did that for him.

Because when this game first came out, I had a very busy and engaging job and I only played maybe 15-20 minutes a week. Now I have a comfy job with extra time to play while on the clock and I can advance a lot more. I had only one or two kingdoms with all lvl15 troops by the time the patch came along with VIP + level 20 troops.