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The VIP 5 and VIP 8 rank is a kick in the teeth

First I would like to state how much I love this game, and I have put a small fortune into it because of how wonderful it is. I must admit though I was rather upset when I hit VIP 5 and recently VIP 8 rank, I was extremely disappointed with the results.

One of the unique advantages of those ranks is “NEW” troops start a various levels. Unfortunately to all but the most extreme cases (spending hundreds of dollars in less then a month), these are completely useless to the majority of people that reach these ranks.

The only way to truly take advantage of these is to roll the dice and disenchant troops down to 0 (after reaching mythic status IMO) then hope you pull them in a chest at a later point.

For people in the top guilds that get hundreds of keys a week, this is done easily enough (with the exceptions of legendaries and mythics) but for anyone that ISN’T in a top guild this is a risky thing to do.

My question is what could possibly be the design decision between not making these two rewards retroactive to ALL troops you own? If the answer is to make more money, that is simply insulting to anyone that gets to these ranks to begin with.

Of all the ups and downs with this game, this is the one thing that really bothered me, and still does. It just seems like you are dangling a carrot in front of extremely loyal (or rich) players that have spent money on this game.

The only problem is that carrot can only be eaten if you cut the string and hopefully get lucky enough to catch it before it hits the ground.

I am really curious as to the devs design decision on these particular rewards and interested in other players thoughts as well.

And my suggestion, in case it wasn’t clear is to make those particular rewards retroactive to all cards.

Devs didn’t think about that and no automatic refund system was done. I doubt that they did it to obtain more money. And they didn’t do anything because of lack of time and also because this issue should concern few players, I think.

It should be possible for devs to compute the number of souls that you “loose” and refund you with the mail system.
Or maybe, you can do that for them and just ask X souls ;-).

I was also in your situation, felt the same and I just add that the VIP bonus are not so great compared to the numbers of dollars required. Surely because of the fear to become a P2W…

Good luck :slight_smile: .

It would be great if cards automatically leveled up to 5 once you activated VIP 5. However, someone on the forum did state that they contacted support about this issue and that they did elevate his old cards to level 5. Personally, I haven’t tried it though.

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Tried that, my response was a very polite “no.” Though in their defense they did mail me some souls and gold.

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Oh wow, that’s unfortunate. I’m glad I didn’t bother then.

I would be glad if as Vips we could get some little extras that have no direct impact on the game at all, something like the art of an unreleased troop, the description of a new mechanic, a piece of lore of the new kingdom.
“But Ivar, how could we receive these extras using the vip system in-game?”

  • Well, with the mail system inside the game they could send a code to be used on another site, maybe even on a section of this forum if possible, and each code would unlock this content to the vips.

I’m still hoping for the game to become bigger and profitable enough that they start producing real life content about the game. A book with some lore and tales of the kingdoms and/or some characters would be extremely cool for example. :slight_smile: