Epics - The rarest of them all


When 1.0.8 was released, I suspected that Epic would be the hardest to raise to Mythic (see Mythic troops count), but now I have confirmation.

Out of 158 troops:

I have 4 troops at epic level, all are originally epics. On average, I need 12 cards of each to raise them to Mythics.

I have 41 troops at legendary level:

  • 11 are originally legendaries. Including the 2 imps. On average I need 2 cards of each to raise them to Mythics
  • 30 are originally epics. On average, I need 5 cards of each to raise them to Mythics.

The rest are at Mythic level.

Therefore, I still need about 200 epic cards and 20 legendary ones… Considering that you get ~5 epics to each legendaries and that there are a lot more epics, it makes legendaries the hardest troop to raise to Mythic levels.


I have very very few mythic troops and have not opened enough chests yet, but I did get very few legendaries over all and not a lot more epics. On the plus side, I finally got Carnex and I only need Psion to have a complete collection… until the next kingdom comes, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would wait before opening any more chests.
I have the feeling the devs will tweek the drop rape eventually/soon and increase drop of rarer troops and resources.

I wish I could’ve wait… But I couldn’t…


Damn, so many mythics ._.
I have… Zephyros and Anointed one as mythics only (took the pack 15 times).

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I hope devs will do something about that and if, in the process, they could give us the droprates per key per rarity, I would be sooooo happy ^^’


I still have epics that are only epic, yet nearly have every legend to mythic. Of course all my commons, rares, and ultra rares are mythic already due to their abundance. I just wish there was more opportunities to obtain epics. Even using the event key system, it could take months before the right kingdom comes up and even then that still isn’t a guaranteed chance.


I have a similar picture to @mrsammy on a slightly reduced scale… actually all my troops are now legendary or better… But most of those that aren’t mythic yet are those that were epics, especially the more recent events…


Confirmed. Got about 20 mythics, and around 12 epics left, all of them original. The rest is all legendary.


Similar to Sammy and others.

I’ve got 6 Epics at Epic, no others at Epic; all of them need one more copy to get to Legendary except Terraxis who needs three.

I then have 50 Legendaries, (15 of which are originally Legendary) - and the rest of my troops are Mythic.


This calls for reinstating epic arena for about… forever. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also worth noting that I have eight Mythic Legendaries, but only four Mythic Epics - and out of those four, three of them were acquired artificially via events (Anointed One and Zephyros via 400-Glory packs, Dimetraxia via VIP Chests and not worth).