Mythic troops count

This is for all the people that are already proud owners of mythic cards. Say in comments how many mythic troops you ascended (maybe even witch troops). Also you can say if you encountered any mythic in PvP, I still haven’t.

it hasnt even been one day yet and this post exists. I am not sure if someone has that mythic dire wolf yet but they should be along shortly

I know that there are some players with mythic troops (asscended legendary) so just want to see how many lucky owners are there.

i didnt mean it that way i was more impressed you got the drop on this article

I’ve got a mythic Winter Imp. Not using it though so you won’t see it in PVP… :wink:

that mythic imp omg

Nice congratulations, I’m 1 winter imp away from getting into to mythic too :smile:

I have currently 42 mythics,and all but 25 of my troops are legendary at lvl 19…im a bit of a hoarder and never once disenchanted a legendary :grin:

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Oh dear, well that’s a lot. What is your level?

hmmm 106 troop mythic…
20 epic and 30 legendary
still missing crimson bat :disappointed_relieved:

and so long time to sacirfice…

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Each troop only counts once even if you have multiple copies of it. Or you really have 105 unique troops on the Mythic tier already? :o

I’m still opening chests… I’ll let you know afterwards!
Another good question would be: how many mythics are maxed.

I don’t count copies, otherwise… more than 350 mythic i think, I don’t want to count :joy:

but i used an auto-click, and it was boring to…

Well either I am really unlucky or you paid alot because I had over 4k iron keys and 2500 gems and barely got to 30 Mythics. :sadface: I do have all the troops tho. Yay xd

ohohoh not much, I disenchant all copies ( keep 4 copies ) and not enough :confused:

Sorry but i play free no VIP status…I just play , and I keep double since a long time, having a large stock of souls

I have four Mythics, all legendaries who happened to get duplicates in my initial opening spree and raised the number from the previous 4 cap to 6 or 7.

I still have over 3k gems to use though. Waiting on the VIP fix so I can dig in to those chests.

For info:
All my Khaziel troops is mythic and level 20, it gives you 2000 point for kingdom level (2100 point for the level 3)
So i need traits now to reach level 5…
3 traits x 8 troops

Damn, so we do need everything

Yeah I believe you. I just realized am actually not that far from the same amount and Im a free to play player too. :smiley:

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