How many troops are you missing?

Currently missing 7 troops here.


10 characters.


Happy for you Graeme!

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Zero, zilch, nil, nada.

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I have enough to craft it, but can’t find a reason to do it.



Woah, what’s that from?

Can something be missed if you chose not to pay for it?

As in, am I really missing a Lamborghini? (Can’t afford)

Or if I’m waiting for a game to become cheaper or become free on Gamepass before I’ll play it. Which is basically what those who don’t want to pay a $1 a week (in the US) choose. (Can afford but they choose not to.)

I’m probably just over thinking the question. But as queen B once burned into our brains “if you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it”. Clearly she saw the future of monetization.

From @Lyya ’s website.

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970 - 952 = 18
But not all are mythics… Like I never bothered to realy hunt for Shade of Kurandara… i’ll get him eventualy :wink:

I’ve been very lucky and picked up Quetzalma from a Chest and Heart of Rage from a Vault Battle.

I’m 5 Orbs of Power from EK, but given the debacle that Lycanthropy Gems, after over 5 years of play, I really don’t know if I can be bothered to stick it out… :frowning:

I have all troops so far, and also have good chances to take future troops. I just like to get maximum from game economics (read: tributes).

972-957 = 15
missing 12 mythics and 3 legendaries…

The good news is that most of them will be craftable.

Just 12! 11 Mythics and 1 legendary.

Only 84 missing :flushed: :joy:


You will get there, as long as they are not locked behind the Vault, especially for the Tarrot cards, where devil likes to show his face as least for me, 350 keys nada.

62 of those are mythics. I think it’s only fair that it’s not raining mythics for a mostly f2p dude. I’m in no hurry :smiley:

u will get most of them in 3 years with diamonds in the soulforge.

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