Surplus Mythic Troops

What do people do with surplus mythic troops? I have a few now where i have ascended them to the max and they are just piling up?

Does everyone else now have multiple copies once they get mythic troops?

Yeah you have 2 choices, let them pile up or scrap them after you get 4 copies of each.

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I still remember the time when the devs used to say that we would never need more than 4 copies of a troop…
I will never disenchant anything anymore!


Keep them, souvenirs. :wink:

My strategy might be different than most but I used to disenchant my (base) rarities of Ultra Rare and lower after getting them to Mythic,and leaving 4 copies of each as @HKdirewolf said. I have never disenchanted (base) Epics or higher.
I did this because I needed the souls to level up my troops. After a certain point you will get ahead of the soul chasing curve and won’t need to do this any longer if you choose not to. After you have all troops to max level there is no real benefit to disenchant, not at this time at least.


Yeah I starting noticing this is the way to go, just hate that it takes so long to do lol. Disenchanting all those troops separately. :cold_sweat:

But is no doubt probably the best way. None of us have any idea if there’s going to be another rarity after Mythic, but it’s probably a good bet that there will be.

I highly doubt that any new rarity beyond Mythic will be as simple as the existing sacrifice mechanic. Existing end-gamers would simply plow through it with their vast quantity of reserves, and those that did disenchant ahead of time would riot. It sounds like a lose-lose for the devs; they’d get complaints from the have-nots as well as the just-hads-why-didn’t-you-warn-me’s. (And the “haves” would quickly be bored again as they’d already have it all completed.) My money is on a level playing field when new rarities are introduced, if ever.


Yeah I’ve thought about this at length, and I do not believe this would be any time soon. I do however think it will be in the future, depending on how long they keep this game going. Eventually people will have a surplus of Mythics and something will have to be done when Mythic basically becomes as ordinary as legendary. IMO

So probably in a year or so time.

Always best to be prepared, because we’re so used to thinking months away, not years. If you plan on playing this game for a long time, then you should be prepared for the changes.

I personally hope you’re right though and they don’t go that route. fingers crossed

Speaking for myself, I don’t disenchant for two reasons:

  1. I have no need, as I have all troops leveled and a surplus of souls;
  2. The disenchant UI is horribly inefficient and painful to use.

Do you have any ideas what they might do? That’s really the only 2 options they have to keep the game growing.

If they do go the level playing field route, people will still have all these extra copies and extra souls. Something will still have to be done about that. Which is why I think they aren’t telling us definitive because it’s still an option to go that route. The flip side of that is what really could come after Mythic? Seems like Mythic should be the end-all be-all.

Yeah, at some point you run out of intensifiers, hah.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that future growth would come in the form of augments (like traits and kingdom bonuses) and not directly via ascension.

I’m not convinced they’ll address the resource bloat problem at end-game. If they do, I expect a poor rate-of-return conversion of maps and souls to pulls at a slot machine, be it keys or some new resource that allows for troop progression.

I’d say that’s a pretty good guess. Now that the guild task fix put rewards at an all-time low, people are thirsty for rewards.

Making way for a lot of this, and no upward progression. Which is rather stale to me.

Which goes back to why I think this might not happen. There always has to be something worth chasing. I don’t believe Kingdoms will do that for them. When Mythics become ordinary, they no longer fill that role.

Good conversation though, cheers. Thanks for sharing.:baby_bottle: