So, who's disenchanting all extra mythic troops?


If you are, aren’t you worried there’ll be a new rarity in the near future and you’ll cry over those disenchanted troops? :slight_smile:


Mid-game player here. I need the souls more than I need to ascend things past mythic IF that day ever comes


I have never disenchanted any epics (base) or higher for that very reason. One never knows what the future will hold.


I’m on console and haven’t opened any chests in weeks while we wait for the flood of catch-up content. Once I start opening again, I’ll be disenchanting everything I possibly can. It is unimaginable to me that they would introduce something higher than mythic. In the meantime, I will be using those souls to level actual troops and not living in fear of something that has not only not been even hinted at, but which has fairly clearly been said to not be in the cards.


The devs said a new rarity is not on the cards?


I recall a post from Sirrian from not too long after that update where he said something along the lines of ‘never say never, but nothing beyond this is planned.’. I’m on my phone at the moment, so I won’t be searching the forums for old posts, but i’m proceeding with absolute confidence on this.


Erm, I do not recall them saying that there would never be another class added…


Thanks for finding that. You and I are clearly reading that through different lenses though. My own history tells me that I am unlikely to be playing this game in the ‘far future’, or if I am, that I won’t be concerned about the consequences of disenchanting some troops in the meantime.


I understand. And I don’t blame you for disenchanting your excess cards because you could use the souls to level up your current cards. I did the exact same thing until (but not with epics or higher) I got a little ahead of the souls race.


That makes sense - if I had no use for souls, there’s no point in disenchanting anymore. I’m firmly mid-game, though, and don’t need Sirrian’s crystal ball to see that I will be starving for souls for the foreseeable future.




Like many, I have not been disenchanting anything because I got burned in the first run. But, I finally said to myself, “What the heck am I going to do with 643 Dwarf Lords?” I had over 600 of every rare, over 400 of every common and ultra-rare, so I started a mass disenchant. I may regret it later, but I doubt that I will ever have to farm for souls again:


Edit: I only disenchanted down to 50 of everything.


I have enough copies of everything to ascend them again, and over 200k Souls.

Disenchanting would be a pure waste of time


Midgame here as well, and my base epics aren’t mythic yet. But yeah I am disenchanting, need those souls


I do so on occasion but its incredibly tedious. Have dozens of troops with like 100 extra units. Takes soooo long disenchanting them that I rarely do it.


I disenchant often. Normally when I get around 20 of each. That usually nets me a good 10,000-20,000 souls (varies because not every card has the same amount obviously). I still really need souls

I’m hoping they never add another rarity… But honestly they probably will at some point. I doubt it will be any time soon what with the new base mythics.


I’m almost to the point of not needing souls, but only almost and those last few levels to max out Kingdom power level are expensive, so I’m disenchanting everything when I have enough to bother (around 20 of each).

I will soon :tm: be genuinely late game and not need souls and at that point, obviously my disenchanting will cease.


End game and not disenchanting. Mainly takes too long, I wish we could disenchant for trait stones based on rarity. Common for minor type of thing.


I have been disenchanting a fair bit… mainly OCD - it annoys me having so many un-needed copies… I don’t think there’ll be another tier introduced above Mythic… though I have been wrong (very rarely) before…

Obviously that makes souls a problem… an end-game problem, I realise… I have over 1 million of them…

Tinytask is a big help here!