So, there will never be 6* troops?


I’ve got a few fully evolved 5* troops and was thinking of breaking down the extras for souls. But if later 6* evolves come out after breaking them down I’d never stop complaining.


think they have talked about making a new level so in my opinion I wouldn’t do that unless you just have hundreds and hundreds of extra copies.


Never say never!


Since I still need souls I disenchant extra cards of rare and ultra rare troops from time to time. I hold on to extras of epics and legendaries just in case a super mythic level should hit one day.


Confusion sets in. Why you do dis.


I disenchanted everything I had more than 100 of; they all turned out to be rare troops. Pulled over 7000 souls out of it.


I Disenchant rares and commons. The others take to much to collect


I dischant everything and will do so till all my troops are maxed, after that I can store them up lol :slight_smile:


Maybe @Nimhain can chime in on this conversation?


Anything I have ascended to Mythic status is in the pool for disenchantment. I keep four copies of each mythic. The souls I get from doing this are for increasing kingdom power levels. Everything below mythic I leave alone.


Sirrian said a few months back that there is no plans for another class in the near future.


I accept no such assurances, not after the grief over mass disenchanting right before ascension came.


Nothing is absolute :slight_smile: But all that we can go on is their word.


True, but this is the in-game equivalent of Pascal’s Wager. If you save your troops and you’re wrong, not such a big deal. If you disenchant those troops and you’re wrong, there will be much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.


With sackcloth and ashes for everyone.


if another rarity was added at most a common would take 200 to upgrade I think, so my plan get 200 disenchant all cards past that point. never know what may happen. the regret of burning them all up for souls. would lead to kicking myself many times over if Dev’s decided to do that.

could do what it would take per rarity if you can remember what all the base cards were, which I can’t


The base rarity can be found in the disenchant screen.


I’m going to assume it is safe to disenchant If I’m wrong, I’ll just cry to my credit card company and get a refund for money spent.


Since so many people are begging for a way to craft traitstones, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an option to disenchant troops into a trait of the same base level, perhaps on a 2:1 basis. I’m holding on to all extras of my mythics just in case.


Once the developers give players the opportunity to craft Arcane Traitstones, they might as well pack up and move on to another game. Their in-game purchases would drop off a good 75%.