Mythic Troop Disenchant - Better rewards based on troop type?

Just wondering if anyone else is thinking that there should perhaps be better rewards for disenchanting troops that get to Mythic?
In essence if I spend gems on gem chests and/or event chests and get another Gorgan for the pile, should I not get something a bit more rewarding that 25 souls for the 10/15 gems I just spent?
Perhaps the rewards could be tiered based on rarity of the troop type being disenchanted.
Or perhaps a greater range of rewards.

What does everyone else think?

The souls you get are already based on the base rarity of the card. Common 5 souls, Rare 10, Ultra Rare 25, Epic 50, Legendary 100. I dont feel a need to change this. There’s other ways to gain souls easily.

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I agree with @JasonAshcroft.
Commons are easier/ cheaper to ge then legendaries, so they are worth less souls when disenchanting. So no need to change this.

I didn’t know that the troop rarity was already tiered, so that’s good.
However it still seems to me that the higher rarity troops, especially those obtained from spending gems, should be worth AT LEAST what the corresponding soul (or other new) reward would have been if you get souls from a chest instead of a duplicate card you have ascended to Mythic

I believe this to be academic. I dont think anyone currently disenchants legendary cards anyway. And since you could get the Gorgon card you spoke about in the OP in a glory chest aswell, it would be hard to say how much the equivalent in souls should be.

I agree however, that the amount of souls could be increased for higher rarities, considering how long it takes to get a legendary vs a common. Disenchanting a Sheggra only gives 20 times as many souls as disenchanting a Dire Wolf, and a Sheggra is more than 200 time as hard to get. I know people with at least about 1k Dire Wolf cards … cough @Jainus

Speaking of that, I"m waiting for the first Mythic based rarity troop! - Hopefully it would be soon enough.

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Gotta happen sooner or later…