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Disenchant mythics

Now that I’m starting to have some of my troops up to mythic ranks (14 and counting!), I find myself really wanting a mass disenchant option. Something like “Disenchant all troops of Mythic rarity over 4”.


Or a simpler option, on the disenchant screen instead of:

< X >

where you click < or > to subtract or add 1 to disenchant

< X > >>

where clicking >> would add all but 1. So if you had 7 troops, it would raise the counter to 6. Would still require doing each troop individually (bleh) but would still be easier.

I wouldnt disenchant any troops if I were you. It is a little in the cards that Saintly and Demonic might come. And maybe Godly.

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Ugh. That could take a LONG time.

Will also take a long time to get 500-1000 copies for them, if they come.

That’s what I meant. It takes a while to get the stuff needed for Mythic. Going beyond would be painful.

Ah, thought you meant it might take a long time before we see it.

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I rather think we will see 10 more kingdoms before that happens tho. So probably in 1-2 years, if it happens. My guess is that it will be raised once a time, like f.example Demonic will be next. Then after several months, Godly might come.

If that’s the case (1-2 years), I’ll continue to disenchant Mythics above 4, until I get everyone leveled up. I need the levels to increase the amount of stars in these kingdoms, and wouldn’t want to forgo the extra income that would generate.

I came here in order to request such a feature, but found out it had been requested already.

+100 to this!