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Bring Back Auto Disenchant with Auto Ascend

Please add in an option to auto ascend or Disenchant, the same system as before where players can set a quantity to hold on to. Any cards above that quality first go to Ascension, then if mystic, goes to souls. Take the summary from the new chests and list any ascensions as well as souls.


Yeah, mass ascend and mass level would be king. Just it must have a selector for how many units reserve. Would work best launched from the troop filtered screen – applying to whatever is displayed. One fundamental use case is to bring a kingdom to shape.

I’d personally use a global mass ascend immediately reserving 4 specimens (expected result: ascend everything as far as possible so I still have 4 min).

Mass leveling would have been really useful right after the update as I had to manually level 80% of troops to 4-5 for silver star power.

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Bumping this up the ladder of topics

That resurrected post though.
Oh forgotten tomes through the ages, show us those dusty pages. Come to me Necronomicon.

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Used to be that it would set default at 1, now it should have rarity and number - dont disenchant anything under mythic and dont go below 4 of mythics.

bump +1 yes

Ideally I’d be able to sort by base rarity too. I’d rather let my base legends and epics continue to build in case they give another rarity one day. But disenchanting base common to ultra rare, oh yeah.

Yes yes yes to this idea :slight_smile:
In a top guild like Match Masters we get 2000+ keys a week so disenchant ing troops is never ending. One troop at a time.
(Hate to have to SUE GoW for my finger damage)
Lol i joke :slight_smile:
Here is units that need disenchanted just after 2 weeks…
(Partial list)
<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business5/uploads/gemsofwar/original/2X/4/4a5a5108f77f566b55f8bf89879136048bdfa0ed.png" width="690" height="404">

As long as no better method is implemented, try using a ‘mouse recorder’.

Set shortcuts to record and play.
Press record - hit the arrow like 20 to 50 times - stop record.
Now press play and the 50 clicks happen in a second.
Press play as often as necessary. Disenchant.
Repeat for every troop.

Took me 15 minutes to get rid of 7000 extra copies this way.

I have a Razer mouse with macros, so I wrote a macro for “left mouse down, left mouse up, delay 0.1 sec”, and set it to run while a specific key was pressed. Very handy.

Still, manually going through 100+ troops with the screen change and disenchant animation for each takes a while.

Sure does, but still far faster than without.

Im fairly certain mouse recorders and macros are against the rules .
In most games anyways.

Well then… feel free to delete my account =P

It doesnt give any advantage gameplay-wise if you use it to disenchant troops. And the only reason I use it is the simple fact that the devs still havent been able to implement an option that simplifies mass disenchanting… in months.

I also use a calculator… and excel for guild contributions. Because I’m gangster and dont care about rules :wink:


I’m not to the point where it’s beyond frustrating…but I do hope for that quality of life feature before I reach it.
It is already annoying enough to ascend troops.
I play on mobile so a macro is not possible…my poor fingers

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