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Please make the Disenchant button same as the Ascension button

It would be nice to set the Disenchant button where you press and hold and the counter keeps addin up.
Pressing that button for hours on end really sukz.
Feel sorry for my Wife when she has to do it t me


we need mass disenchant back with filters rarity, base rarity and amount. so I can set it to disenchant any mythic base UR and under that I got more than 4 of…

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I’d be okay with just a button that sets it to all but 1, then you can just press the opposite direction for every other one you’d like to keep. Seems pretty simple to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

pc dont got that?

Nope, we may be ahead of the curb update wise, but we’re missing out on some of the quality of life features.

yea I don’t think u can sort by race either…

With the game now recording card total hoarded, I kind of don’t want to disenchant anymore.

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Recently few times I have been DE some troops which I have already ascended to the Mythic. It’s really painful to do it one by one, specially on the phone - takes ages. I would love some kind of feature to disenchant extra cards, like it’s in Hearthstone (and if there are some options to select - e.g DE threshold, base/ascended rarity, that would be really nice).