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1 click disenchant extra mythics

Disenchanting cards feels like playing a clicker game, now with the 2.1 update coming soon, we will get a lot of gold chest keys and thus a lot of common cards and eventually a lot of mythic versions of those.
So I would like to see an option in game where you can simply disenchant all extra mythic cards with a single click.
It should keep 4 copies of each mythic as you can’t use more than 4 troops in a deck, this is more than enough.

Hope you guys will consider adding this, my mouse will appreciate it :grin:


Amen to that. Please do this. With more cards disenchanting can take over 1 hour of clicking.

A thousand times yes, this would be such a massive help.

I would also like troops you have 4 mythic copies of to stop dropping… but thats asking too much


Consoles once had a lock that you could apply on any given troop and also choose the amount to be saved. After that, just push a button to disenchant everything else.

I really, Really, REALLY want this!

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Still sounds like a lot of clicking that way. As I have to click each and every troop and select the minimum amount of them too.

You just have to lock it once if you want to have two copies or more. Everything else is the max per default.

I want to keep 4 copies of my mythics and not disenchant any non mythic troops. So that would be a lot of clicking besides keeping note on what troops you get to mythic and adjusting the settings for that troop.

As development of Gems is under one roof now, the PC/Mobile side should have a look-see at what the console guys did a year ago with the disenchant menu, Its fast and sweet. Time to bring over that disenchant interface (with Tasks).

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A checkbox for the five different stages of a troop sounds doable, but the others must have a manual switch. It’s not realistic to have a button that automatically does it with your preferences without you having to mark the differences from default. Everyone has their own thought process.

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Any over 4 mythics have no purpose at all.
Troops that are not mythic have a purpose to ascend itself.

That is why this feature lists mythic only.
If you want to disenchant non mythics, there is still the manual way.

I think Ascending and Disenchanting should both work where you can tap the left button and it will take you to max. I believe console already works this way.

Please no! the extra souls is always welcome

True. But I would rather a troop I still needed a copy of than some souls

FTFY. Bring back disenchant all!

You think they removed it for a good reason then?

Somehow flashback to this:

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Having to click what, 3 times to lock a troop in at only keep 4 of this mythic
at 240 troops so
720 clicks
+2 clicks for changing between troops
1200 clicks total - ONCE


click 30-100 times for each troop
7,200 clicks
24,000 clicks - every X weeks


At this point, just about anything would be better.

Make it so you need it at mythic, 4 copies, leveled to 20, and fully traited. At that point you have “completed” the troop so earned the right to hide them from chests.


1200 clicks is still a lot. The feature I am suggesting will be just 1 click whenever you need souls.

And maxed out troops not dropping from chests anymore would be a bad idea.
Eventually people will have maxed everything out and then when they release a new mythic or legendary, those people would only need to open 1 chest to get it.