Disenchanting Cards

Quick question: when I hit the “disenchant all extra troops” button, will it disenchant ALL of my extra troops? Or just the white ones?

Because I’d prefer to disenchant by rarity, so I haven’t been using that button.
But MAN, disenchanting one card (x quantity) at a time is a mini-game in itself.


It will disenchant all cards which you have ascended to mythic and own more than 4.

So if you have 5 copies at legendary, it won’t touch them.
If you have 3 copies at mythic, it won’t touch them.
If you have 6 copies at mythic, it will disenchant 2 of them.


It’s worth ascending everything to mythic, so I’d just keep going, disenchanting the extra copies to 4 mythic copies where possible for extra souls to help get the rest up to mythic.

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