Mythic Card Lock

Create a lock on at least one of each mythic you have as not to delete a very hard earned card…

for those of us with kids that like to get on your games while you aren’t looking ot in the same room…people who drunk game…people that take medication that may cause them to be loopy…the list goes on

Or even a simple lock on any card, it don’t need to be mythic


Or maybe by default any card of any flavor Copy 1 can not be sold I think would be better.


i like this idea, locking a card to being non-disenchantable is a good idea to prevend some bad accident :slight_smile:

This sounds like a qol request to me @Studs.

Feature Request or Quality of Life…either way it would be immensely helpful

I would agree with this!

Just an idea- if they had a FAVORITE feature, it could lock the troop from being disenchanted, and that lock would extend to the disenchant all, so crazy collectors like myself can stockpile that one card they love. I was sorry to see my 150+ mythic Valks go bye bye, but didn’t want my fingers bleeding from disenchanting ALL of my other troops. :wink:

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I like this suggestion. I mean why would anybody REALLY need to disenchant every copy of a card? So they could find it new again in a chest?

FYI, I added this to the QoL list.


Huh? I’ve played games where it’s fairly easy to accidentally lose/delete stuff, even if you’re being careful. But this game already makes it pretty cumbersome.

Right now you need to click the Troops button, then click on a card, then click the crafting button, then click the Disenchant button, then click the right arrow (only, or at least more than the left arrow), and then click another Disenchant button. That’s at least 6 specific buttons that need to be pressed in order. And if you are on the disenchant tab (so after 4 or 5 button presses) and “accidentally” click another button like the “X” or another tab like “Ascension”, the disenchant tab is no longer selected, and it’s reset so that when you come back to it you need to re-select the qty to disenchant again.

If you are making this many “accidental” yet perfectly consecutive button presses, why would requiring one more press of an “unlock” button make your cards seem magically protected. Seems like a waste of the developers time that I’d much prefer be put towards other new features like bug fixes or Guild Wars.


The only legitimate scenario I can come up with is if someone was attempting to disenchant already and accidentally disenchanted, say, 8/8 instead of 7/8. Seems to me it’d be simpler to just disallow disenchanting of the last copy of a card.


I concur with this. I nearly had a heart attack when I was disenchanting copies of my mythic Emperor Khorvash and thought I may have accidentally clicked to disenchant all of them instead of all of them, minus one.

I’m not even sure why the game allows you to disenchant every single copy… seems like it’s provoking disaster.

Frankly allowing new players to disenchant cards is bad, because they don’t know enough to realize how stupid it is. Under the old VIP system it was sometimes worthwhile to disenchant all copies of a card because new ones would come in at a much higher level. The correct thing might be to disallow disenchanting except for the new “disenchant all” button" unless you override with a checkbox in settings.


The option to remove disenchanting the last copy entirely is part of the suggestion. I too agree it’s dumb.


I just had this problem and ALL my
Copies of Khorvash are gone. I’ve already reached out to support so hopefully they can help fix it. There really needs to be a lock for cards you don’t have extras of.

It was dumb in 2017 and it’s still dumb in 2019 that you can disenchant your last copy of a card. There’s no good reason to allow it.

Oh - on Switch it’s not only allowed to do it. The Tutorial forces players to disenchant a card…

Disenchant one Peasant troop then. Why would you disenchant a Mythic troop?

To be honest, there’s a disenchant all button, that sells all copies except 4, and that skips troops in teams.

Why on earth would someone choose to disenchant troops manually, when there’s that nice failsafe feature?


I was wondering this myself.

So basically people who are in a condition you should avoid anyway :stuck_out_tongue: