Undo feature for when you do something utterly stupid

So I may have disenchanted a couple of mythic troops. This game needs an UNDO feature for stupid people!

Seriously, an undo would be great.

Also seriously, I’m not getting them back, am I?

I would contact support. They probably have a record of your disenchanting and might be able to reverse the process if you didn’t subsequently spend the souls.

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You only disenchant troops if you have 4 or more AND they have been ascended to mythic.

Seriously, if you disenchanted troops so that you now have less than 4 of a mythic troop. you didnt use “disenchant all”.

Abinysia, gone. Bone Dragon - gone. I done F’ed up good. I think there was another one too that I can’t remember.

I’ll try. I did spend souls but I have plenty left to reverse it. Hell I’ll pay double what I got to get them back.

You could try a support ticket but more than likely you’re screwed.

Of course; you could always spend lots of money on shiny gems and gamble to get it again?
This would certainly please the greed of the publishers, especially if you’re the gullible type :wink:

I opened a ticket. Probably screwed.

I guess on the plus side somehow I lucked out and had enough cards for two characters to upgrade them to mythic today. So there’s that. I’m going to miss Abynissia though. :frowning:

I didn’t think you could disenchant down to 0? Why on Earth would that be allowed? Or did I must miss the point of the thread?

I was disenchanting what I assumed was left over cards and managed to disenchant them to death. They’re no longer in my list of characters and the slots they were taking up on a couple of teams opened up. Maybe it’s a bug? I hope it’s a bug. I also hope there’s a chance of getting them back.

You’ve always been able to. I’ve often wondered this myself why this is a thing. Maybe as a holdover for when souls were more scare, ascension didn’t exist, and you had to scroll through all the troops you had horizontally in one giant, single row list with no filters? But we are talking about a game that allows people to intentionally turn 10 diamonds into 100 souls, after all…

That’s really dumb and I want to consider that a bug. I hope OP gets his troops back.


Thanks. let’s hope the support gods are a kind, benevolent bunch.