Generic and misleading title #1, TOPIC: Disenchant Threshold Feature


Am I the only one who thinks removing the Disenchant Threshold feature was probably not the best idea and we totally need it for 1.0.9 along with a “Disenchant all the extra copies of Mythic troops” button? Manually disenchanting the troops is getting annoying, more when everytime you open a couple of gold keys you get 200 common troops. Probably half of the people here, have or are about to have all their common troops on the Mythic tier.


@Nimhain Rito plz. :v:


We ALL loathe a) the mass disenchant feature baiting us into burning up all our spare legendaries, and b) the fact that it is no longer here when we actually still need it. The threshold should be manually adjustable - or include a ‘disenchant none of these’ option.

That being said, the unique requirement on team troop type and kingdom buffs has made some previous combinations less useful, so its now a matter of getting up to 6 for most legendaries instead of, say, 9. There are some synergies where multiple of the same troop may outweigh not getting the bonuses, but its way too early to tell.

As for everyone having Mythics… I opened some 2300 Iron Keys’ worth of keys (so that amount in Glory and twice that in Gold Keys), and the only troops I have at Mythic are legendaries I happened to get enough spares of on top of my initial 4. Those who opened, oh, twice that number, they might have a wide spread of Mythics now.

ON A SIMILAR NOTE: we direly need a mass sacrifice button for Ascension, before we all get RSI and/or need new mice. I’m basically not going to bother with that unless I get really bored or its for a troop I’m actually using. Sorting A->Z, I got as far as “B”. Going up to 5 is OK, 10 and 25 seem unnecessary, while 50 and 100 are obviously fairly ridiculous.

Although its worth noting that nobody is going to be disenchanting unless they are actually loaded on Mythics, which is a minority.


I agree on that, even if its to late for me, Ive already ascend all the troops to the max I could. :sadface:


As Sirrian said in the troop video, we felt removing the mass disenchant was needed due to the new troop menu. We will look in the future at how we might reintroduce it, but no promises there.


We’ll need to see how much of a pain it is for someone who has multiple Mythic Common/Rare troops.


More when you actually need those souls. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sort on Upgradeable. Still tedious, but WAY easier.


The arrow for sacrifice should just move all the needed troops over or be grayed out if you don’t have enough. No reason to have to click it multiple times. Hopefully a fix we can see sooner rather than later.





Sorry, that would change the order we did the troops but not the endless clicking…