Troop Ascension & Disenchant - How much (Singles/All)

This idea is for everyone who wants to save a certain number of troops instead of being forced to drop all in or those that want to dump all of that troop amount in to ascending troop or disenchanting troop.

The Souls icon was used to help with the idea, just for a concept.
1 represents doing it one at a time, All represents dumping all of them.

Reason for idea: Some troops go by 5, others by 10, but mostly at certain point (some troops never go beyond one at a time). Its annoying & frustrating at the same time.
Annoying cause a lot of the troops I never use & have no intention of using are one at a time.
Frustrating cause troops I do want to use, even multiples of those troops but still want to ascend, go by multiples of 5 or 10.

I would like to CHOOSE what amount I use to ascend or disenchant, and I bet I’m not alone on this (hopefully I’m not). Please use poll options to help the Devs (@Nimhain & @Sirrian) figure out if it should be implemented or not.

Compared to my other suggestions in the past, this is exceptionally small and only affects the amount that we can choose use to use for ascending & disenchanting.

Side Note: The Disenchant all extra troops option doesn’t appear on all troops and only works if they are Mythic rarity, I’ve tested on Legend & below.

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good idea , really need mass disechant on consoles versions ,

we cant wait 3 month for every changement made on ios/pc