Option to leave 4 troops when Disenchanting

Hey guys. Recently tried out disenchant and realised it only gave options for one of that troop, all extras of that troop and all extras for all troops. Would be great if there was an option to set ‘all extras’ to leave four of each character :slight_smile:

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What device are you playing on?

We have a disenchant threshold that you can set for each troop so it disenchants down the the threshold. It does mean that you would have to go through all your troops to set the threshold.

The problem - for those who haven’t gotten around to it yet - is that there are some 140+ troops now and there is that annoying delay where it says “One moment” every time. It’s easily a 10-15 minute task to set that up, even longer on slower devices.

That being said, it does exist. Its just tedious.

I’d also like to see a slightly higher threshold for, y’know, 1.0.8 things. And/or hoarding legendaries, because literally the only reason I don’t still have tons more than I can use is so I could hit that aforementioned disenchant all button and not worry about it.

Am on iOS. Where would I be able to check my thresholds?

And yes, an auto X for all would definitely be easier with all the loading.

An hour since last reply?! People must be gettin’ lazy here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is the disenchant threshold.
If set to 1, all of that troop but one will be lost when disenchanting all. Set it to 4 (the max) and all but four of that troop will be lost (even if you don’t have 4 yet).

You will need to set this for each. individual. troop. So don’t forget to do so with any new troops you get, otherwise they could be lost.

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Pretty fast moving forum huh. Thanks for the tips. I guess I’ll get to work on those settings. :slight_smile:

While I was going through my troop list, I was wondering. How do I keep track of new troops I’m getting without maintaining a spreadsheet?

You can either,

A. Remember which troops you’ve already gotten through memory recall. (Not talking about some fancy ingame system, just general memory.)

or B. Level every troop you’ve set the threshold for once. This costs 10 souls per (for all but legends), so 100 troops won’t cost much more than 1000 souls. Then when you get a new troop, you’ll know immediately by its level.


Thanks for the level recommendation, Zelfore! That’ll help out a bit :slight_smile:

Until there is a global way to set it for all troops to a value it’s as good as not there.

Yes, devs must do that right? A goblal whatever thingy that each player would use literally only once. (Sounds real good) I don’t know how much you have playing but trust me, when the disenchant threshold wasn’t in the game, it was a real pain in the… Rear? Enough to say, by far, that is not “as good as not there” like you say.

Setting everything to 4 doesn’t take more than 15 minutes with fast fingers and a relative decent device. :v:

Several times I ended up disenchanting troops I did not intend on doing out of forgetfulness. What happens is, I get a new troop with lets say a new event and I then forget to flag it to give me 4 troops. Then I disenchant extra troops globally, and I accidently disenchant the 4 troops that I just bought with my glory from that event.

So it would be nice to have a safety net where I could say, “give me 4 troops of even the troops that I don’t have yet” so that I could automatically have them when I do get new troops.

Af the moment I would hold on to all troops without disenchanting anything because pretty soon we will need several troops of one kind to get an über troop of them… :yum:


Hmm were did you get this info? :smile:
Can you share a bit more :pray:

Was leaked from PAX AUS in a post a couple of weeks ago.

Its not a must. Just a suggestion. Nothing wrong with making things more user friendly where possible :slight_smile: