"Set a troops disenchant threshold"

One of my tasks is to ‘Set a troops disenchant threshold’ and when I look at the details it says to do this to 2, but I haven’t a clue how to do this. I tried disenchanting two extra copies of a troop at once but that didn’t do it. So I don’t know how to complete this task.

Hi good Sir. Go to the troop menu and select one. On the bottom left of your screen there should be the disenchant threshold feature. In order to complete the quest, change the number from 1 to 2. :v:

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Just in case it wasn’t made clear enough, here’s where to look.

PLEASE hold off on using this feature if you are on PS4 or Xbox One. We have a patch going live within the next day or so that will address this (plus all the quest/task-related issues that have been reported since launch). Setting your disenchant threshold will remove ALL copies of your cards in that stack, regardless of what you have it set to. More information in our knowledge base here:


For now, just delete one at a time if you need to remove any. Thanks, and sorry about this bug!

Mind Blowing. I wonder how much Legendaries have been lost due to that bug lol. :v:

Hopefully not too many!

I only changed it for the task then changed it back. I only disenchant one at a time anyway.

Hey do you know how to reduce an enemy troops attack to 0 ?

With a Estangle ability, theres a couple of troops for that and you could do it with Gloom Leaf but it would take some time.

What does disenchant threshold actually do anyway? Also is there a way to level up a card quicker than one level at a time?

Plus is there a way to disenchant more than 1 card at once? I have several duplicates but don’t want to disenchant all of them, I just want to disenchant a few but it seems I can only do one at a time.

Thats what disenchant threshold those, u can select up to 4 copy of a troop each troop to not be disenchanted, all the others are.

So if I have 10 spare cards of a troop. I can set disenchant threshold to 4 then click ‘disenchant all extra copies of this troop’ and it will only disenchant 6 copies?

Yes good Sir…

SAVE THEM!!! you will need them in the next patch!!!

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Use an Owlbear or a Warhound. Their special ability is to “Reduce the first enemies Attack by 1”(for a level 1 Warhound, and “Deal 4 damage to an enemy. REDUCE THE ENEMIES ATTACK BY 2.”(For a level 1 Owlbear). These quote are directly from the PS4 version of the game.

A patch that has no set date. I only disenchant when low on souls and need for a task.

Well when you log in for the last week or so there is a splash page that tells you it’s coming. If it follows the app/pc it should be within 3 weeks either way it’s going to be sooner rather than later since they are bothering to communicate it.

just to give you an idea of how many cards you need… a common takes 5 to get to green, 10 more to get to blue, 25 to get to purple, 50 to get to gold, and 100 to get to cyan. total = 190 cards besides the ones you are using.

a common can get to lvl 15, green can get to lvl 16, blue to lvl 17, purple 18, gold 19, and cyan 20.

each upgrade in rarity and each upgrade in lvl will give you a +1 health, +1 armor, +1 attack. So a lvl 20 cyan that was a 15 white (like skeleton or goblin) will get +10 health/armor/attack.