Disenchanting troops no longer works!


Xbox one
Last week there was the missing card you buy from the store this week I can’t disenchant all extra copies of troops?

You click on a card,
Press disenchant all extra copies of all troops,
It “try’s” to do it and says “there was a problem disenchanting all your troops. Don’t worry, no troops or souls were lost in the process”

Another issue I’ve found is sometimes after disenchanting a single troop all the cards in the background shuffle and freezes when you go back to the troops page, have to press B and then reload troops page.

Very irritating.


Its the same on PS4, The Goblin Rocket card thats there but not there seems to be haunting us…i know in the guild taab under progression it says i have it but it don’t show yet grrrr, please fix this


Check your disenchant level (bottom left of screen). If it is set at one, it will not disenchant all extras. Used to be it had to be set individually for each troop, not sure if it still is.


Dont disenchant any cards, you need the duplicates in the next patch for consoles.


I second Eika on this. In the future we will eventually get ascension, which allows you to use copies of troops to increase their rarity. Increased rarity ups health/armor/damage by one and increases their possible max level. Mythic rare’s(new rarity) can get up to level 20. You will need a lot of copies.