Game crashing when disenchanting troops?


Is anybody else on the PS4 having issues with the game crashing when disenchanting troops?

I get booted out of the game, get a PS failure screen with a code (didn’t think about writing down which) and I have to restart the game completely.

It only happens if I disenchant the last/all of one kind.

If I have a double and only disenchant one, this doesn’t happen.

It always seems to happen when at the bottom the “connecting…” prompt appears.


If this keeps happening, I’d send ticket to 505 Game Support-


Hi pal, you shouldnt disenchanting troops. In the next patch for consoles you can ascend your troops by using the duplicated cards, and is mainly the best investment for making them more powerful.


Alright, thanks! Only playing for a few days so I had no idea about this. I’ll start saving them from now on then.

To be honest, I was only disenchanting because I was desperate for souls (blew through all the ones I got at the beginning on cards not working together effectively since I had no idea what I was doing.) I’ve figured out now that 5*-ing challenges actually gives you a very nice amount so I’m not hurting too much for them anymore atm.


Will do, it’s very consistent, happens 100% of the times.

I have a problem with the champion not unlocking even though I’ve 5*’ed several challenges in different kingdoms now so I’ll submit one for that as well.