Disenchant Failure... TOTALLY HEART BROKEN

OMG IM SO FREAKING UPSET RIGHT NOW! I’m seriously taking a break after what just happened. I’m so discouraged right now.

2 Suggestions for development

This game needs a Troop Favorite List. Players can go through the “Troops” Screen and select troops they want to save. These troops are always in front of the others (so they can be quickly used), AND they need to be unable to disenchant into souls unless removed from favorites.

I just was carefully trying to go troop by troop and disenchant each unused extra. I have several critical highly used troops that I have extras of that I didn’t want destroyed. During this process, I got bumped and hit “Disenchant all extra troops for all troops”. I now have literally no desire to play. I’ve lost all my copies of my best troops.

Unless there’s a way for me to remedy this. I’m done. A technical mistake has cost me months of hard work.


Support is great about fixing things like this! Contact them and they should be able to help.

Also, you should set a disenchantment limit for the ones you want to keep multiples of. You need to do it for each troop separately, so it takes some time. But then you can use disenchant all freely!

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Omg how do I do this? It would have saved me…

How do you contact support?

Or how do you set a limit?

I followed your link. It only lets me work with Pre-Made questions for contacting support. If I wanted to get their help remedying my issue, what do I need to do?

Lol the disenchanting feature to keep copies of cards was added so much ago D’:

I had a problem where I thought disenchant dupes, and setting a level of 4 would mean it would keep 4 or less of all troops. Instead, it lowered almost everything to one. I talked to support, and they got it sorted for me. They’ll help you too.

Either one will get you where you need to go: