Disenchanting my troops


Hi whenever I try to disenchant more than 1 troop it comes up with code error and kicks me out of the game I then have to restart to go back and disenchant again I have checked for if I have latest update and it says I have also checked my ps4 is updated to latest and is all I want is to get rid of troops I don’t want without having to restart the game after each one


I suggest contacting 505 Games Support


Don’t do it!!! An upcoming patch will take all your extra troops


I’ve been disenchanting my troops too… only keeping one copy of each.

What does the patch include that makes it worth keeping extra copies? I at least kept 3 sniper guys for the “win any battle with 3 of the same troop” task.

Thanks for any info.


Stop disenchanting and go see this: http://gemsofwar.com/1-0-8-preview-part-2-upgrading-troops/


Holy sh1t! I must have disenchanted over 100 duplicate cards. Oops… knowing what future patches will do really makes me regret that. Damn OCD… making me want to clean-up my card collections for a few measly souls. What a waste.

The narrator in the video mentioned “mythic” cards… who’s a mythic? We’ve got our epic’s and legendary’s but who is an example of a mythic card? Maybe I should just google it… :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is stupid addictive. I played 20 invades in a row last night for 3 iron keys… when I could have just bought 3 iron keys… lol.

Thanks for the info Sammy.

EDIT – OK, searched the troop list and no one is “mythic”… another google search seems to indicate that “mythics” are created… or ascended?


Yup, they are ascended. All troops can now be ascended to Mythic level.


I too had disenchanted some troops for souls when I first started playing GoW just some weeks back. (Which I’m sure a lot of people did, and it seemed to make since to do so…) Until I read about the changes that the folks here had mentioned. Since then I haven’t done any.

But I’m sure I lost my fair share of troops until learning of this though.


Thanks Sammy.

Appreciate the info. I’d imagine it’s going to be a while before console players see the patch tho, eh?


Quite right, the console patch is certainly a ways off. (They’re likely waiting until the Computer/phone version has worked out exacts on the idea. Stat altering, trait adjustment, and other minor tweaks in hopes of the minimalist amount of backlash.)

So you’ve some time to prepare for the update. Here’s some info on how many of each troop (by rarity) you’ll need to get them to Mythic:

  • Common = 190
  • Rare = 90
  • Ultra Rare = 40
  • Epic = 15
  • Legendary = 5

These are the amounts of duplicates needed for any 1 troop to reach Mythic. Time to get collecting! :grin:


Wish you could buy troops for, say, 10 times the disenchant value. So you could buy any common or 50 souls. Would make legendary cost 500 souls each (I think)


Thanks for the head’s up, Zelfore. Good to know what’s needed. … Personally I’m not using much of my glory at the moment, other then purchasing any weapons that may be offered. But I can see where some might benefit from purchasing additional harder to get troops when they are offered as well. Such as when they offered Celestatia here just recently. If I had thought about it, I would have probably picked up a couple extras of her, especially since she’s a Legend.


Im a dumbass for not reading up on that earlier :[ mustve disenchanted hundreds of troops including epics. (thankfully no legs)