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Ran into a glitch with disenchantment

I had a bunch of golem’s and i disenchanted them, then i saw that the tab for ascension still had the symbol lit up, so i went to check it out, and it let me go negative and the ascension actually worked but now my golem is glitched out. the golem is under the “show owned” but i don’t own a single copy of it and it is blacked out and i can’t add it to team or upgrade it.

im not sure if i have gotten a copy of it since, but if i have, then it is still glitched, i will post again when i DO get a copy of golem out of a chest and let you know if it fixes the glitch. Also, as a side note, it still has the ascension even though i don’t have a copy of it…not sure if a troop is supposed to keep it’s ascension status if deleted or not.

You keep all ascensions and trait mods for cards you no longer have in inventory.

It’s been mentioned that if you disenchant all copies of a mythic+levelled+fully traited troop, the next time you pull it from chests it will still have all its stats.

You might need to file a Ticket to get Golem out of its negative count though