"troop ascension refund" from update DELEVELED three of my mythics

I am icheewawa ( xbox1 ), level 1263. I can’t get a support ticket to go through on official site, So here is my issue, that with today’s new update, a mail came stating " troop ascension refund" but what it did was make three of my already mythics be “deleveled” by this back to legendary, it still shows the right amount of cards to put them ascended back up to mythics but when you try click under “ascension” nothing happens. Luckily these are not troops that I planned to use in gw defenses or this would be even more pressing matter. I know you have alot going on with update, but please check into returning my troops to their rightful levels, I do use divine ishbaala in pvp on offense and had planned for her in guild wars until this happened, and the others are used in pvp as well. Thank you for helping correct this, I really enjoy the game, love the update, everyone is bitter that the randomness and infrequency on the gnome thing is making it “unfun” but I think of gnomes as sprinkles likened to an ice cream sundae, an EXTRA something nice. I would be playing explore anyway for gold and XP so if a gnome happens to pop by ( I’ve only found 3 in 6 hours of play though " it is a welcome treat. BTW, the three troops that need to be re-ascended are DIVINE ISHBAALA, PENGUIN, and SUMMER IMP. ( pictures attached below in reply )

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You need 6 I thought to make a legendary mythic. 1 extra copy to ascend the card itself.

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The same goes for penguin, you’ll need 101 to mythic.

whatever the total count is to get to the level, the point is it’s not like they were legendaries with one card left to go to become mythics, they were already at mythic levels before the update : (

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Just my observation from the pictures is all, maybe you lost a card as well when this took place.

If you finally are able to report then maybe they can look at your collection beforehand.

Either way good luck.

I guess that is what happened then.

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I have already had several other people on my friends list or guild mates that are having the same issue of mythics being dropped down to legendary at the update, it’s obvious on that front to visually scroll through and see the change, but way too hard to try to see if we lost more cards on our other mythics where we have like over 300 copies of that troop etc.

I have referred them to the support links or to make an account here and chime in.

But everyone is so preoccupied with the gnome hunt.

This post made me look at my own collection. I have 5 Legendary King Silenus, the menu say I can Ascend, but the game will not let me do it.

However, I just had a conversation 3-4 days ago that I was ‘one short’ of getting King Silenus to Mythic. So its fresh. I believe this is a bug with the new update as you actually need 6 (5 to mill, 1 to keep). But the new interface falsely reports 5.

None of my Mythics were demoted as far as I can tell.

@icheewawa. Good luck with your request, and I hope they investigate the ‘de-ascension’ of your Mythics. And find the troops.

maybe they wont tell you to get stuffed like me and some others.

Card recovery is a well known problem that DOESNT EXIST OFFICIALLY.

One of the few games you have to take screenshots of every damned card.

Wow thats a shame!
U really have to fix this devs, i’d explode if this happened to me!
This must not happen, cruelfull!!!

But i also have to say that the support is working very well in this game. On ps 4 u can create a ticket under option button —> Links.
Kafka reacted within one or two hours and solved my problem (different issue). And that at 01:00 o’ clock in german time. That was awesome

I wish ya good luck ichewawa

Hi @icheewawa, thanks for trying to get a support ticket started. I believe the 505 Support site had issues recently, but you can start up a ticket with our own support team here.

In the mean time, I’ve taken a look at your account through our logs and double checked everything is working as it should be. From looking at our logs, it looks like the correct amount of troops were refunded, and the ascension levels were not changed for your troops though.