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Removing my troops

I just found out that some of my troops has been taken from me. Suddenly i have no Gnomes or Valravens and the new Statue to invasions. I have used many gems in the invasion site to get Statue up to mythic, but i have not got any refunds for this. The troop is just taken away from me. How am i supposed to do invasion when you take the strongest unit away from me. I have though got some refund from traits, but i need the gems much more than the stones. And why take my Gnomes and Valravens from me. I have used loads of Vault keys to get them. And i dont even know why they refund them. I really hope it is a huge mistake

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Yeah that doesn’t make sense.

If the devs want to remove the troops that were obtained during the soulforge error, I don’t see why they should remove the other troops that people can legitimately obtain.

@Saltypatra any chance you can help look into this?

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Happened to me as well. I submitted a ticket. Hopefully this will all get sorted out

I really hope so to.

It looks like the people who had crafted some of the unreleased troops that were available for a few minutes in the Soulforge on Monday got them removed, but in the process they also removed all vault troops and the Siegebreaker troop for some reason… How do these things keep happening? :neutral_face:

Edit: pinging @Cyrup too, she’s always been really helpful whenever I’ve had a problem in the past, hopefully she can help solve this one for you too!



I think you got some of the early troops?

Yes i did. And if it was a failure that the new troops could be bought, then it is ok to take them back. But there is no need to take all my gnomes, Valravens and Statues as i have bought them
from Vault keys and gems on invation site

We need to get used to the apparently usual procedure it seems.

  1. They stuff up
  2. They take back what we got and issue refund but stuff that up too.
  3. We have to submit a ticket and wait a week or more to get the correct refund.

And how many people would actually be paying enough attention to notice if something goes missing that shouldn’t?


Indeed, yesterday i still had the troop so i have to look later this day

I talked to @Kafka immediately after it happened after reset. They were gonna look into it. But yes it happened to all the players that crafted the unreleased Troops in the soul forge this week.


They took my vault troops, why? Were can i put a complain?


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Why do they suddenly have a policy of taking stuff back? There have been many cases in the past of people getting stuff they technically shouldn’t but there was never any removals. Even the gnome troops have been in the soulforge before but nobody got them taken away back then. Now all of a sudden people are getting their gnomes removed (even the legit copies found from vault).

I can kind of understand removing Zuul and perhaps Suna but the vault troops as well??? WTF DEVS!!??! @Saltypatra @Nimhain @Ozball


Indeed fleg every week other issues, week after week, they taking stuff away but a proper refund no way, it’s there fault, and we are the victims. No matter that people are quiting this game.

I just talked to @Kafka again.
Everyone missing troops now (or jewels) will have to do a support ticket for missing rewards.

Kafka’s message was intended for you, and written just as she had come into work, before she realised that this was something that did not just affect you. She did not explicitly state that all players should contact support. Please be more careful with how you paraphrase dev words. In this particular case there is no need to contact support. Additionally, less than 40 players were affected and not all of these players had troops removed that were not unreleased troops (e.g. only Suna, Bonebinder)

We will be fixing this issue in the next 2 days. Veritas, Treasure Gnomes and Valravens will be returned automatically to player accounts, you will not need to request a ticket with support to get these back.
In removing and refunding the troops that were unlocked in the Soulforge for 12 minutes after Daily Reset on Monday, we inadvertently also removed troops from player accounts that can only be unlocked in The Vault.


Nor did I say she did. I said I had talked to her. And that they should submit a ticket. Much like players had to when Zuul’Goth was partially reimbursed.
Could’ve been in global… Could’ve been in a DM. I didn’t give specifics. And I tagged her. So if there was an issue. She could easily delete my post.
I was trying to help the other players. But fair enough…I won’t make that mistake again. :grinning:

Hmmmm, maybe I’m lucky for being too lazy to check soulforge at reset like I usually do.

We pushed out a fix for this for Veritas. Gnomes are impending.

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We have returned all Vault Troops (Gnomes/Valraven) to player games, please restart to see this!

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