Has anyone checked their troops?

I was missing 2 mythics and I think 1 Apocalypse troop. Now I’m missing 54 troops!

There is at least one person in my guild with the same problem.

Is this across the board??

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Same here. I had every Troop in the game and now im missing the below troops.

Astral Spirit
Doom of Ice
Ice Golem
Sea Witch

Why can’t they ever get an update right.

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I had everything and now I’m missing a lot. Game still shows I “own” those troop in the profile counter, but I can’t put them on teams or anything.


I hadn’t tried using any of the yet, but they are common troops like Herald of Damnation. That’s just one that I remember because it’s used a lot in guild wars.

This is not good.

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i had every troop im missing some too, incuuding cedric… i had 1000s of him

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Oh wow. I thought this was just a weird cosmetic, filter issue. I didn’t think it’d actually think we didn’t own these troops.

At a glance, there’s nothing major I’m missing at least :sweat: .

Mine also further got bugged while I was typing this. Xathenos suddenly shown as being owned again, despite being in the unowned category.

Update: After switching back and forth, Draakulis and Garnetaerlin are owned again. What is going on.

Update again: Relogged and all my unowned troops are back.


i am missing beetle blade now… usde shards to see if i could repull it. I did. Still unowned.

closed and reopen?

Thanks! For a short time, that was unpleasant

Yeah closed and reopened the game. Saw HounganAtLarge mention it in the other thread.

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I logged back into the game, 4th or 5th time, and the only unowned troops are the 3 I didn’t have before and all the new sentinels. At least all the troops seem to be back. Maybe. It will take time to check them all especially since I don’t use all of them. This goes beyond strange. Does anyone else hear the Twilight Zone theme playing in the background?

I have gone back into my troops and i am now missing more than before. The number of troops i am missing keeps increasing.

@Jeto please have this fixed immediately because soon i wont have any troops left to play with. This is just crazy.

close and reopen game

@KINGOLLIE and anyone else who is missing troops, have you completely force closed Gems of War and relaunched?
(I’ll repost this in the thread too)

If so (might take a go or two) and you are still missing troops, please leave your invite code in this existing bug report thread, so reports are all in one place

come on … i resolved the problem now i am missing more… hire a real programmer


Closing this thread, to direct all further reports to the existing bug thread

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