Troops lost please assist

Around 4:50 pm eastern time i finally looted a Sheggra from gem keys. It is among my first orange cards and i leveled it up with souls immediately. 15 minutes later the game froze for a moment and now all progress has been lost for the last half hour including that troop i FINALLY looted. Please assist with getting it back. Ps4 player name RayMF4. I cant seem to find my invite code without leaving my guild but any help here in retrieving this troop would be appreciated.

@RayMF4, I think that it would be best to contact support with this. Just explain to them what happened and hopefully they will reimburse you your Sheggra. Best of luck with it!
Edited*, sorry @RayMF4, I gave the wrong link, go here

Yea there is nothing they can do they said…wonderful

Same thing happened to me with the exact same troop. Mine happened when the game was constantly crashing a couple weeks back.
Was also told that nothing could be done.

@death and @RayMF4, Sorry to hear that, and with two of you having the same issue they should really look into this, and do the right thing by making sure that you both have your Sheggra’s.

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It’s not just 2 it happens constantly. I just dropped over 40k gold on various upgrades and then 5 minutes later it gives me the server error message and all of it is gone. No gold back. Nothing. And they say there is nothing they can do? Are you F*&^%ing kidding me? You game server notes when assets are spent and saves that info IMMEDIATELY but can’t be bothered to save my account info at the same time? I bet if it was the other way around they would fix that damn quick. I guess since it doesn’t affect their bottom line who gives a S%^&, right?

@packrat2488, if this has occurred recently, try emailing support as @Macawi has suggested to the others; they could possibly help you?
Honestly, I can’t see why a troop of theirs cannot be retrieved, but they might be able to help you with the 40k you have spent and lost?
Personal experience with support has returned to me traits and levels lost on troops before, but you have to give them time to look into it and get back to you.
If not though, it truely isn’t as bad as losing out on a legendary troop. IMO, one to three hours of gameplay (depending on your level) lost isn’t really something to be cursing too greatly about before you’ve contacted them to find what answer you’ll receive.

This is very frustrating, I understand. You are correct that the server notes when assets are spent, and saves the data immediately.

But a “server error” is what happens when data is not properly recorded, for whatever reason. In that case, there is no record of what happened, because nothing was written. This isn’t something that can ever be 100% corrected - because there is always a small chance of errors.

In the case of something like money being spent but nothing being granted - those are two distinct records (money spent, items awarded) that we can compare for errors. But for internal game events like using a key - there is only ONE record. So if an error occurs… there is simply nothing to compare it against.

That said, it’s always worthwhile to contact customer support.

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Yeah two of my daily logins this week have not given me my Daily/VIP awards because of the ERROR messages and also when you use keys(glory for example) and there your only 10 Guild keys left in inventory and you use them but get the error message. When you hit retry it then will gobble up the 10 keys I just spent and it nwill take 200glory from my account.
Saved up 50 Gem keys and finally used them for error message to occur it then gobbled them up like they never existed and then used 450 gems instead :fearful:

When will this be fixed?? Arsen & Kyle must be getting sick of me sending tickets in all the time.

Server error messages are the result of a disrupted connection between you and the sever. It’s not generally something that can be fixed, as it’s mostly about your location, and the wires leading to your point of connection.