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Lost 2k souls to connection problem

Was leveling up Sheggra 17->19 for ~1900 soul, there was a conneciton error, after retry I gor message of error. Another retry, error again, assuring me souls are not lost.

Yes they are. After relog I found the troop at lvl 19 but my soul count is at 34k while I started at 39. Shouyld be around 37. Plz look into it and correct the state unless my memory fails me. Inv code: PASA

This sounds like something for which you should contact support.

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Err, I thought this is the way to call for support… O,O How do I do that a different way? In the game I don’t see a support button or link anywhere.

This is where to start: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

It’s linked off “Support” on gemsofwar.com.

Thanks, filed a request there, we’ll see what happens.

its also in the bar across the top of the links above. :slight_smile:

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