I lose all souls. Do you know why?

I would like to increase the level of the new card by using souls.
But I see my counter to 260 souls.
The last monday my account had 99 000 souls.
Do you thing the counter reset if I exceed 99 999 souls ?
Thank you for your answer

there is aproblem server side. might want to wait a bit. it is in the bottom of the official post about the type

Please contact support about this so we can fix this.

Nimhain, sorry I’m french and I don’t find the support. Since the game or in a part in this forum ?
Thank you for your help

Hi @did85 These images might help you figure out how to get a request to support:


I lost about 100k souls!!
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@lesson You’re better off sending a ticket to support. They’re actively looking at that at the moment to fix this issue I believe.

How do you all have 100,000+ souls?! Why aren’t you upgrading your troops?!

Thank you Ozball.
The request created :
“Your request was successfully submitted.”

Grundulum, I have more 90 000 souls because I don’t update my troops and I play a lot of. I use always the same troups.

I hope you can solve it.

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I’ve sent you your souls via the in game mail lesson.



thank you. I send you an email for the procedure. I don’t see anything in the game.

thankyou very much !

Thank you Nimhain for your help
I receive souls in the game.

tankyou too

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No problem guys, happy to help.

(Besides who needs sleep :wink:)