Lost over 2000 souls

So I was playing yesterday and after reading the info that the next console update wouldn’t be until next month I decided to use my magic keys.

I used 20. leveled up some troops. used 20. leveled up some troops. used 20, rinse and repeat for 150 keys, making sure my previously acquired troops were at least lvl 2 so I knew if I was getting new troop or copies.

Then after spending 2000+ souls and all my keys I went into a battle. Game crashed. Boot back up and all my keys were back in my inventory. My troops were de-leveled. and yet all my souls were still gone.

Click the kitty for the site you’ll need to help you with this. -> :smiley_cat: “Click me!”

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@505GamesSupport will get back to you faster using the support site.