Souls and glory

Last night I had I believe like 1,150,000 I souls and they disappeared today. Knocking me back to under a million. I cashed in troops to put me well over the million mark and now they’re gone!!!

Did you upgrade any troops with medals? Because that costs a lot of souls. 60,000 souls per troop.

Or maybe you crafted something in soulforge?


Dawnbringer costs 1million souls and the parts for it cost 100k souls each making the total cost 1.3 million souls like Fleg said maybe you didn’t realize how much you spent on one of these expensive crafting recipes these kinda things happen.

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I did nothing. They were just gone.

Already have dawn bringer.

Well you will have to open a ticket if you did not already. They will look through your logs to see where they went to and if there was an issue then fix it. We can only suggest possible ways it may have happened as this is not en existing issue other users have reported we are thinking of possible ways they may have disappeared. You would be surprised at the number of posts where people mention things disappearing where it turns out they accidentally spent them on something without realizing it.