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I lost over 30,000 souls out of nowhere

So, I’m a bit of a hoarder, and have been playing quite a bit of arena lately to farm souls. I had around 35,000 souls last time I checked. A minute ago, I was looking at upgrading a class, and noticed that I had only a little over 2,000 souls. I initially thought it was just a glitch, because last time I looked at the class level up tab it showed level up one increment then two increments, as opposed to the max increments allowed on the second tab (which would have been maxed since I had well over 30k souls). When I closed out and went back, it was normal again. Not the case when I closed the app and checked my souls again. Needless to say, I’m not very happy about this. 30k souls takes a lot of time to get. Where are my souls at!? Any help is appreciated.

There’s many that have experienced this today.

Judging from the responses most have been reimbursed their souls. Hope it helps. Perhaps contacting support and submitting a ticket would be the best thing to do.

Thank you. I hope so. I save up most of my souls, so I can spend them only on troops that I like. I really hope this is fixed soon.