Help! Some dev ruined ascension last patch!

It’s absolutely horrible! A left click now wants to move ALL but 1 troop into sacrfice, going through multiple and partial ascension.
Hate hate hate that. It was perfect before!!!

It’s supposed to move exactly enough troops for one ascension on left click.

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I’ll have to check console to see how the Ascension feature has been changed. Thanks for the head’s up.

Btw apologies @UKresistance, it’s a mite hard to tell if that was sarcasm: happy or sarcasm: bemused or “it’s not working the way it was intended” or some such. The topic title didn’t help.

I won’t know what you meant until I go check lol. Clarity in communication is more useful to the devs than giving them all a heart attack! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s super annoying because I never partial sacrifice, and I sort troops by rarity to see who I can ascend and how close I am.

The console troop Upgrade feature is still bugged as it has been from nearly the beginning with version 1.07.

In the current version 2.2, to see which troops need to be Ascended, I select the “Upgradable” choice from the Sort menu. It usually (but not always on console!) shows which troops can be ascended as indicated by the blue Upgrade arrow. If several troops can be ascended, you can go ahead and do one ascension… HOWEVER that causes the other troops that need to be ascended to disappear from the display :rage:

To work around this… well, this blasted non-functionality feature… I alternate the Sort menu selection between “Upgradable: Show Owned” and “Upgradable: Show All”. This pops the Upgradable troops back into view so I can do another single ascension, then I have to refresh the troop menu again using “Show All”/ “Show Owned” etc.

Other people have been using workarounds like sorting by Rarity and then going through the trooplist line by line, in the way that UKres has done.

Summary? I guess the upgrade ascension function is indeed broken, and unfortunately it wasn’t just in the last patch.

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@alpheon might be able to help us out here, as he was working on this.

I believe the idea was to let you ascend all the way up at once, rather than going through all the tiers… but I can see if you don’t want to partially-ascend that might be an issue.

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Its interesting how people do different things.

On console I don’t think this change was ever a feature request from the community as Ascension was easy to accomplish unlike PC/Mobile. I’ve always partially sacrificed, so for me It was a pleasant surprise.

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I think it is a matter of taste, as well. I’d prefer it the way @UKresistance wants it, but my wife likes to partially ascend as she goes, so she is happy with the change. Most of my troops are mythic now anyway, so I don’t really care either way.

Ah, yeah that was me. Sorry that it wasn’t to your taste, but I can understand how you feel. I’ve never really bothered to ascended to the next if I only had enough for a portion of the way, but that was when you could only ascend one step at a time. It never particularly bothered me. Unfortunately to change it would require a client update, so while it may be annoying now, I do hope you find the merits of being able to ascend multiple levels at once outweighs the downside.

Personally I did it this way because it seemed more appropriate to wrap around the value from the minimum to the maximum when going left from 0. Same with maximum to the minimum. For example, it’s inconsistent to go from 0/5 to 40/40, but then going right would instead take you to 41/90 instead of back to 0. Instead a solution I could offer would be to have one of the other buttons (Square/X or Triangle/Y) to just set the number to the maximum complete ascension level.

If you click twice to the left it will only ascend to the bigger complete tier

This was one of the best extra features console had over mobile. I’m just puzzled by why you would break something no one to my knowledge was complaining about.
You could make it up to me however by nagging the mobile crew to put an easier ascend method in. I play mainly xbox but a little on android too and ascending on mobile is… multi leveling too!


I’m an old duck and the beak isn’t what it used to be. Pecking honestly, I don’t think I’d have ever played the mobile version if not for the console because mobile has too many unfriendly features.

Mobile/PC is the inferior version. I’m not sure if it was all @Mr.Strange but he was involved in massive ease of use of console over mobile. Mobile may be ahead content wise, but console leaves mobile in the dust for ease of use.

I just got back in the house and checked the Ascension/ Disenchant features and… What exactly is the problem, here? I don’t get it.

@Alpheon What is a “partial Ascension” in the first place? When a bunch of cards are “partially ascended” I would assume they go into some kind of limbo state where you have several of that troop while at the same time, you don’t. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

For the new Disenchant, I do very much LIKE how moving the LS thumbstick to the Left allows us to select a larger number of copies to sacrifice for souls. That part is great! I presume moving LS to the Left when we want to ascend 101 copies of a Common is also how it’s supposed to work now. I like that new feature too, thanks. :slight_smile:

What I dont understand is why doesn’t the game just force auto ascension.

When you get X+4 copies, it will auto take the amount of extra cards and ascend them. This would prevent the excess clicking and ridiculous time sink of this process.

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I would kill for any version of this feature.

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This thread has to be incredible looking in from the PC/mobile side. We have 2 click Full Ascend, and 3 click Ascend one level (Left Stick, A button. And Left Stick x2, A button respectively)

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I hope @Alpheon has learned a valuable lesson. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it please.

i hope it is never implemented or has an “on/off” switch

i dont want to have everything ascended for 2 reasons:

  • troop page still doesnt have “organise by base rarity” option!
  • my team score does make the difference in pvp therefore i want to have control over it, rather then it being forced upon me

happy forum birthday @death ! :birthday:

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Technically it’s not bugged and the other troops haven’t disappeared, but I agree that it’s annoying.

When you ascend the card and it can no longer be ascended further it no longer belongs with the other cards that can be ascended and is moved to it’s correct location in the stack, and your taken along for the ride.

The same thing happens when you sort your deck by level and then level up a troop.

Would be really good if you could stay where you were before leveling/upgrading the card, or if there was an option to quickly scroll through categories - like if clicking on those arrows to the right of the screen jumped you up a whole category

A, B, C, etc on alphabetical,
Ascend & Trait, Trait, Ascend on upgrades,
1, 2, 3, etc on Level
And so on…

@SpinelesS, I’ve also been playing the PC/Mobile version of this game for over a year. The Ascension and Sort features of the game now work very well on the PC version.

On the console, believe me, the Sort features still have multiple issues with keeping the pointer out of the stack, or whatever it is that coders call it. Right? This bug seems to have been difficult to track down and swat in 1.08 and previous.

*Insert bad joke about Bubble Sort here :ghost:

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I’ve decided I don’t care. Almost all my troops are mythic anyways, and I just got a spring imp from a legendary task. Life is good lol

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