Ascension arrows

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I’ve been trying to figure out what the ascension arrow update actually was since 1.0.9 released. Tonight I’ve been going through ascending troops and after about the 4th troop I ascended I noticed that the arrow jumped up to account for all the excess troops I had instead of 1 at a time. This is the first time this has worked since the update. It’s a good thing but does not seem to be happening with all of my troops. For sure I had already ascended a drake rider and a lamia right before it worked on a peasant.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
I assume just to keep ascending troops.
I continued ascending troops that I had more that 2 of and made a list of the troops that it did not work on:
Vampire Lord
Blast Cannon
Boar Rider
Flame Cannon
Frost Giant
Marsh Raptor
Rex Warrior

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

No because I didn’t know I needed one and not sure how I would show that anyway.

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once you need more than 10 to ascend, it skills. i know on 100 troops, it takes 10 at a time. this apparently was a feature of the “mass ascension”.

It actually only applies when ascending with 50 or 100.
5, 10, & 25 still only do 1 at a time.

Not a bug, just less helpful than people were hoping for.

Not true. It actually depends on how many “spares” you have.
I’ve ascended commons that i had 200+ extra and then it jumped by 10s.
When ascending some rare i did not have loads of it only increased by 5

Well l thought the same thing about it ascending multiples of 5 as well except I had quite a few troops that it jumped up 2. Whatever it is supposed to be. … It isn’t consistent.

Question… why would anyone ever bother sacrificing troops before they hit the breakpoint to ascend to the next rarity?

My vote goes to getting rid of the arrows and leaving only an Ascend button. Clicking it will either pop up something to the effect of “You only have 3 of the required 11 to ascend to Legendary. [Okay]” or “Are you sure you want to sacrifice 10 troops to Ascend to Legendary? You will have 2 copies left over. [Okay] [Cancel]”.

To me, the arrows add nothing to the game but annoyance. It’s not fun, it doesn’t feel like I’m getting rid of anything tangible, it doesn’t make me consciously think about my actions, it doesn’t prevent me from making errors… it’s just poorly designed.

I think I just do it because they’re there and I don’t do it ALL the time but sometimes I like to clean up my troop numbers. It bugs me having multiples just sitting there.

It lets me feel like im making progress… even if it is 2 or 3 troops at a time… almost need a fasr forward button and fast rewind button. It takes all but 1… or something like that.

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Yes! This!

To me, there’s just too many troops to go through and “clean up” the quantity every once in a while. Also, it’d bug me to have to click the Troop, Craft button, Ascend tab, X button, then click on the edge of the screen to go back to the Troop List just to see how close I am to the next ascension; easier if I just remember “I need 26 of these, I can see I’m at 23.” That’s 5 clicks per “troop check” saved by not sacrificing individually…

Shrugs I feel like I’m making progress by seeing the number go up. To each their own, I guess. Your idea would be better than what we have currently…

I still don’t see the point of sacrificing 1-3 at a time though. If they never introduced the “feature”, I don’t think either one of you would have wanted them to add it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right. I think it’s more my ocd than anything. I would not have missed it if it weren’t there in the first place or if they took it away. It is a pain going through every screen multiple times. I was excited about the mass ascension/sacrificing but was disappointed with the inconsistency of it.

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i clean them up when i dont have time to do a full pvp, treasure hunt, or challenge. or when my brain wants a break from the match 3. I also have an excel worksheet telling me how many levels and traits i need to get for each start in each kingdom (and it upgrades with more kingdoms :slight_smile: ) So as i go through each kingdom for upgrades, i also do the ascensions. i have to be there anyways.

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