Ascension gone?

Hi all
I want to fusionate my monster but i cant find the option anymore. Where is it now after the update?
There are thousands of patchnotes i cant find it

Thanks a lot


It’s no longer possible to partially ascend troops, you need enough spare ones to take them to the next rarity level in one go (which is good, because it saves you a lot of clicking).

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Hi! Seems like u foubd the new ascension menue already. Im german, could u please tell me where exactly it is hidden now? Ty

Select a troop, click the “Upgrade” button at the bottom, then click the “Ascension” tile on the lower right.


I found it thanks :slight_smile:

Can we all agree that the official terminology should be changed to “fusionate”. :joy:


And the menu image needs to look something like this:


Ahahaha this would be awesome! :smile: thumbs up

If this eliminates using up to many troops to ascend it I will he happy. Had a team of 4 firebombs and forgot to make sure I kept 4 and ascended all of them instead. Afterwards my team of 4 was a team of 2 at a higher level.

I suspect it won’t take troops currently used in teams into account. Good point though, some kind of warning would be great in such a situation, e.g. a popup saying “Ascending this troop will reduce the total count far enough to break some of your teams. Really proceed?”.