Bug with "ascension"

After clicking “ASCEND”
A few days ago.
What to do?

I do not understand what is going on. You do not have enough alchemists to make it a higher rarity. You need 13 more of him to ascend. The troops can get all the way to mythic rank.

You mean you had more Alchemists (enough to make him Legendary), clicked “Ascend” and then nothing? Try restarting the game - you should either have them back or already ascended. If it doesn’t work contact the support.

Sorri. Not properly explained.
I had a lot of alchemists. It is enough to click “ASCEND”. Which I did. The result was very different.

Although, after these days. I think that maybe I made a mistake himself.

We all make mistakes, just look at @Sirrian. Mistakes make us grow as we learn from the mistakes we made.