Reducing the clicks to ascend

I’m all in favor of the auto ascend feature that evidently disappeared at some point before my time. But failing its return I’d love to add a button on the current ascend screen to max out the card count. It’s not like you can spend less than required. Why do I have to click 25 (or more) times?

(Is there a way to allocate them in a single click?)


@Jeff, to my knowledge the only fast ascensions are for 50 and 100 cards. There is no button to ascend all at once tho.

Ah. Perhaps 25 should qualify for the fast ascension too then, lest I get carpal tunnel.

Just a note here, this is a PC/Mobile issue.

Consoles can Ascend with a single click (LT/L2)

It seems like a simple fix to me: Keep the display the same but have the counter show how many you own as opposed to how many you’re adding, then make the arrow just fill all or remove all. Are people really using 3/25 of what’s needed at a time? I feel pretty confident folks only use it when they have enough to go all the way, and if they aren’t then they won’t be losing out on anything anyway.

I don’t think you can use it if it’s not full. Can you?

I wonder if at some point new players started ascending by accident and putting in tickets to “fix” it. That’s the only reason I can see for the current system.

Oh, I’m not sure. At some point you could definitely do a portion of an upgrade. Which, of course, never made sense. Should definitely be all or nothing.

It’s me. I’m the guy who does partial ascensions. Periodically I check my troop counts and any troop with more than 5 copies gets sacrificed for the greater good.

Gives me a feeling of satisfaction to be slowly making progress, rather than waiting three months before I finally have enough Dire Wolves to go from legendary to mythic.


I seem to remember the devs posting at one point that many people put in support tickets wanting to know why they could no longer sacrifice one troop at a time. While it seems counter to what many of us want, it seemed then that a lot of players wanted to be able to sacrifice individuals instead of a bunch at once.

But surely, now that the system has been in place for a while, people see how useful it is to go by skips…

i run teams that use 2 of a troop… i dont want to have to upgrade all. i like having the option of just doing 1 at a time.

i think instead of all or nothing… there should be 2 buttons… you know like on a vcr (dvd may not have them…)
fast forward, and really fast forward… > and >> > does 1 and >> does a bunch.
same with the < and << , < decreases by 1 and << decreases all.

so like i want to save 3… i would do “>>” “<” “<” and there we go :slight_smile: (do all, save 1, save 1 more, and i have my base 1 i have to keep)

Add unascention so if we make sacrifice too many troops and then later learn that there is a team that does well with multiple of a troop then we could lower the rank of our troop to gain more troops. Wait is this a bad idea?

A slider that takes values from 0 to (number of troops minus one) would let you control the number quickly. Keep the left and right arrows on either side for smaller adjustments.

Problem with both your suggestion and mine is that the UI doesn’t have a lot of space on mobile. There is pretty much only room for the buttons/numbers we have now, unless the developers increase the width of the background box.


Well a slider sounds great imo.

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As far as clicks are concerned, why not make the first click take all but 4 troops to fill up the ascension bar? Subsequent clicks without leaving the ascension screen would just raise/lower by one. Should allow 99% of all players to never need more than 5 clicks, and just a single click for the majority.


Just add an arrow to increase and an arrow to decrease (where if you press at x1 it goes to all).

Exactly like Consoles, where the Ascension system is perfectly acceptable.