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Ascend All Button?

Have you ever had that time where you opened 150 glory chests or any chest and ended up with a ton of troops to ascend. It would be lovely to not have to go through one by one and to be able to click on one troop and click ascend all.


Yea but u may not want to ascend all troops…dwarves gates and warlocks for example…u may want duplicates of some troops before ascending basically


Then you don’t push the button…


This creates a risk for the devs of idiots pressing it by mistake, or pressing and deciding then they changed their minds… or any number of daft ways of getting upset and bugging support with tickets and complaints… I think it also has risk of going wrong and being very hard to know what it did to your stuff…

So I can’t imagine the devs giving any effort to creating it for us…


I agree Exactly

Then just don’t push the button

They could ascend all but, leave 4 copies so you can still make a team out of them. Like the disenchant all button only ascending instead of disenchanting.

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@SaltyPatra What do you think about this?

Generally I agree with op, yet it would leave ascended cards at their respectively lower level (15/16/17…). When ascending a troop, I always level them to their max.

You still could lvl them.

Yes, but then you’d have to hunt them down afterwards one by one anyway to level them. As it is, they’re all waiting at the top when you sort by Upgradable.

And personally I’m against this simply because I have seen this before; a easy ‘do all’ button that ultimately results in many reports essentially saying ‘oops i pressed the button pls undo for me’

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That’s why I said to ascend them all but, leave 4 of each.

Are people really that lazy?


It’s just essayer

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Yeah I just ascended 36 troops one after another. Select troop, select ascend screen, ascend, loading while ascending, deselect troop, and repeat.
144 moves that could be done in 1. And the leave 4 is an easy way to do idiot handholding.


yep exactly correct

And as @Meteorite said you have to do 144 moves to level every troop.
Why not suggest a ‘level all’ button as well.


That would be a great idea but, the souls that would take could you imagine

I’m not trying to circumvent any of your ideas, but we ended up at the ‘ascend all, disenchant everything left, and level all’ button.^^

I wouldn’t want that, as i ascend everything manually and level the troops that i want to, to their respective max.

The original idea would be useful if you at least get a chart or list (like opening keys) to keep track of what you’ve just ascended. (For me again,) I would’ve lost track of what I’ve ascended after leveling Yao Guai and, wait what was the other one?!


That’s what I was thinking with my original idea. I also like leveling my troops manually

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