Why is the Ascension Interface still the way it is?

I griped about this sometimes last year when the Ascension feature was implemented, that putting in N number of mindless clicking for sacrificing to Ascend is tiring and tedious.

Yes, yes, I know that a quick fix was implemented so that it jumps in 5s or 10s for the higher ascensions, but really…
Any ascension that requires more than one click makes absolutely no sense.

I mean, what’s the design logic here? “Woo Hoo! I now have 80 out of 100 cards needed for ascension, let me go ahead and partially ascend to 80 first and then wait Who-Knows-How-Long-Until-I-Get-The-Last-20-Cards to complete the Ascension? I sure am glad there is this feature that let me click and stall all the way at 80 Sacrifice~~~”

Yeaa… really, calling for One Click Ascension please.


im suspecting they wanted to give us a choice how many copies of said unit do we want to keep before ascending

but i agree its a little silly, maybe it should just scroll to the max but leaving 4 copies and then allow to add remaining 3 manually if it havent maxed already

or get to the max instantly and allow to withdraw 1 copy per “<<” click


But why would you want to sacrifice any number but the number required to ascend? You either ascend or you don’t; there’s no point to sacrificing if you don’t ascend.

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i personally dont

but i saw a lot of players who just want to ascend right away when they get any extra copies (doesnt matter it wont get ascended to the next rarity)

knowing that, i think its still fair to give a chance to keep up to 4 copies for actual use of the unit? (even if it means it wont get ascended to next rarity yet)

not everyone uses only 1 unit said unit per a deck, you know :stuck_out_tongue:

perhaps ppl who hate clicking need “Mass Ascension” instead?

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As a data point, I sacrifice troops any time I get more than six copies. It is satisfying to watch the bar slowly fill, and a lot less frustrating than trying to do 10-25 taps for each troop all at once.

What I’d like is a “mass disenchant all troops of this rarity” button (I know the devs have said they’re never requiring further troop sacrificing, but I can’t bear to part with any of my 7 mythic Gloom Leafs). But that’s a topic for a different thread.

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But this is exactly the point, why 10-25 when you can just do 1?

True. I do like Annaerith’s idea above that the first click should take you to four remaining troops (or a full ascension bar), and you’d manually add the last three copies if desired.

I don’t know what was the initial intent of the devs, but I’m afraid the damage was already done. I remember a post from @Sirrian after the change (to 5-10 copies/click) that they got support tickets from players, because they couldn’t sacrifice exactly the amount they wanted. Crazy for me, but clearly some people have different ideas and doesn’t like their toys taken from them.
What I’d like to see that (I think) can please both groups is leaving the existing buttons as they are (or even reversing to original 1 troop/click pattern) and adding a third one that instantly fills the bar. Unfortunately it was already suggested some months ago and never implemented (AFAIR the devs didn’t relate to this suggestion).


i had to use accessibility features in windows to click all that and i’m not even accessibility challenged. it hurts my finger to ascend the 25 card stage. i can tolerate the 5, 10, 50, 100 stage because the upgrade in bulk.
i don’t see the point of all that. not good for finger, not good for mouse. i prefer one click ascend. there is no difference between no ascend and partial ascend because they are not upgraded to new rarity.

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On console, one left click fills the ascension meter full. Very annoying to do on mobile version.