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Why is there no "Ascend all pets" button?

Ascending and leveling pets is such a chore. There should be at least a button to ascend all pets, just like there is one for troops (thank Zuul).

I would also love a separate “Level all pets” button that would use the appropriate food automatically but e.g. skip pets that would have to eat white food. This one requires actual coding and doesn’t monetize anything though, so I’m not sure why I’m typing this.


Are you really getting so many pets that you cant keep up? If your a newer player and are in a super active guild you may get to lvl 1 pet an hour while you are actively playing. Once your a higher lvl it may be 1 a week. End gamer 1 or 2 a month. It takes 10x longer to play the pet battle than it does to lvl up your pet.

There is no comparison to the ascend all troops button where you get 1000’s upon 1000’s of keys and takes forever to individually ascend and lvl troops (though I dont recommend using this button).


I usually don’t care about pet ascensions much but I do go into that menu once every few weeks or so. So today I had to ascend and level about 15 pets, which took about 24456 clicks and no brain power. It definitely wasn’t any fun whatsoever. So I would like it to be automated, at least the straightforward parts (ascension and using correct food). Especially the ascension feels like it should just always happen by itself - I mean, why on earth not?

Just make it a habit after your done with the pet battle and claim the rewards to just look at the pet right there on the rewards screen. If it is new or has a little blue up arrow it’s ready to level or ascend. If you just make it part of the pet battle it take 10 seconds.

Also if you are waiting weeks before you level up or ascend and level up pets than you are not getting the bonuses from them. So you obviously dont care about the gains and why spend any time upgrading at all?

The ascend all troops button has a downside because when you subsequently select ‘upgradeable’ in the menu, levellable troops (ie those you have just ascended) aren’t recognised. Neither does upgradeable recognise troops you can medal. As a result you have to trawl thru your troops and find those that can be levelled up manually. This can take longer than ascending and levelling 1 by 1 after selecting upgradeable.


But yes, I see no reason in an upgrade all pets option. Unless I do a full faction I will be lucky to upgrade a single pet in perhaps 6 weeks. Cosmetic pet swamping has compounded the issue.