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Feature request: "Ascend all" and "use all keys"

Sometimes, when you don’t have much time, you end up with hundreds (or even a thousand) of keys and dozens of “unascended” troops.

While you can at least use keys in 50x steps, ascending troops is a pain in the…you know, heh? For every unascended troop, you need to tap on the troop, then on “Crafting”, and then (in the worst case) tap 25 times to set the required amount, then you tap on “Ascend”, and then you need to wait for the animation to end… And all this for every troop and every ascension step.

It would be nice if it was possible to use all keys (…of the currently selected type) at once, even if you have hundreds of them, but even more helpful would it be to bulk-ascend troops: an “Ascend all” button, which would ascend all ascendable troops (…ideally “as long as you have enough copies for the next ascension level”, but at least “one level” would be already great help).

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Ascend all, i did agree because you might use more too many and not have 4 of a kind.

Yes to use all keys. Seriously i just want to use more than 50 of any key. Also i would like to be able to save keys for later and buy more to “store”

If you are afraid to use too many - don’t use the “ascend all” button :slight_smile:

If you ascend your troops once in a while, it really is not a big problem :wink: you go through it once, then never again (unless you don’t do it for months). Later on no more than few troops at a time can be ascended, it honestly isn’t a huge effort.

“Open all keys” could be useful, for gold keys … only, pretty much. And even there it also isn’t a chore taking up half of your day :frowning: (to open 2000 gold keys you have to open 40 “packs”, this was a lot more of a “problem” pre-2.1 when guilds got A LOT more keys than now).

From the “wow this change would make my life so much easier” perspective , I think being able to chose how many levels you want to “level up” at once for your troop, would be a lot more handy. (i.e. you’re trying to get 5-stars on a kingdom, working with limited supply of souls, you want to lvl 5 troops to lvl 15-16, but you only can click “max lvl” (which is 18-20 and eats up a lot of souls for those 3-4 extra lvls) or click those 15 lvls one by one to use your souls in an optimal way).

yeah, they should turn off the multi-troop-per-click for a while, so people start appreciating it more after it’s up again. Clicking 100 times to ascend a common to mythic - now THAT was annoying. Being able to just click 10 times to do the same thing is awesome. (also if you have more than just 26 copies of a troop, the 25 also fills with 3 clicks - though I am not clear on what the “breakpoints” are- for the amount of troops owned vs how many are filled per click).

i wouldnt go for ‘use all keys’ what if server bug occures? if it was only ‘up to 50 keys’ you can still get over with it but if u try to open 1k~keys and something goes wrong it will hurt.

but i could offer a check-in option in the settings menu to ‘skip all’ automatically, so if u clicked 50 chests they would prompt the loot list right away instead of trying to load first unit graphic and then expecting you to click the skip thing every time


Hi guys,

I have just discovered the totally awesome “Disenchant All Extra Troops” button on the Disenchant page.
I would love a similar button on the Ascension page, to “Ascend all eligible troops”?

You could even add two buttons, one for all troops, and one for all troops that will have 4 cards left after ascending.

That would be a great boon for people still working their way up the ladder.

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  1. Ascending All Troops. You should have this often asked for feature when they move the PC over to Uninty (just like the console, that has something like that now). They are working on it, no specific ETA yet.

  2. Open more than 50 Chests. This was brought up in another thread. Sirrian said No, 50 Max. It would put too much of a potential strain on the server to increase it.

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I always wonder where people like this go after an obviously beneficial change is made. Love “use all keys”!

Not good.
Such buttons maybe little more convinent for some players, while it provides devs an excuse to prevent us using few keys every time. Imagine, when a new event ledgendary card comes out and we try to get it by event keys, there are three choices, 50 keys, 200 keys, all the keys. DISASTER!
In the future, resource becomes rare, and saving keys and gems is necessary. When they are used up, we will have to pay something or miss something.

On PS4 when ascending troops, if you have 99 common cards for one troop you don’t need to click the Right Hand trigger 99 times to ascend them all. You can click the Left Hand trigger once to go from 0 to 99. Not sure if there us an equivalent for PC/Mobile though…

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It’s the same.