Tell me what part of this is fun?

I am not for a second thinking that I’m the first person to feel this way, I know it’s been brought up so many times and it’s in multiple places in the List of QoL improvements that @Studs maintains.

Its just that I wanted to chill in bed this morning and play a bit but instead I got annoyed enough with it to make a video.

###edit: what is not pictured in the video was me when just starting with this new account, and opening 500 chests after my very first week in a guild. It took me over 30 minutes to do that first batch of ascending. I assure you my joy from that process was burned away a looooong time ago.


You say nothing about your problem in the post and then you have linked a private video. :grin:

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Whoops-a-daisy! Thanks, and fixed! :blush:

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I actually don’t mind this too much, but I’m also a little strange. It really only happens on Monday’s for me. And I like seeing which troops are going up each time instead of a “Ascend All” button where I wouldn’t know what changed.

I’m not against said button, I just wouldn’t personally use it. Don’t want to ascend my 26/25 warlocks, only to wonder what happened to my soul farming team.

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I understand that there is a satisfaction (and as you point out some strategy too!) that can come from the manual Ascension process. I would never want to take that away from anybody. But for those that don’t want it, please give us another way. I’m asking no more than that.

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I am not sure how it works on PC/Mo , but last update on Con they have it to where when you can ascend a troop, it will automatically use the full number of troops available (save the 1 original copy) all at once to ascend and extras will be applied to the next level, though you can lower that number to save them if you have teams that use 2 or more copies of a troop. This is great when ascending something after opening a ton of keys and having enough lower tier troops to ascend multiple levels at once, but seriously annoying if you aren’t paying attention and you just click it and not notice that the game has done that. (there goes my bombot, manticore, rowanne…etc. team!).
So there is a bit of confusion to players when that was implemented because some didn’t quite understand that method, and sent some screaming to the devs to “change it back!”. It seems the devs can’t win even when they try hard to make QoL better in certain ways.

If your game functions with this same method, perhaps the devs could add a “set ascension threshold” button like the old (ancient? lol) Disenchant feature used to have so that you could still retain multiple copies, and then when you “Ascend All” a screen would pop up and show you the troops ascended. So that’s three birds with one thrown traitstone :wink:

I’d be happy if they:

  • got rid of the arrows in the Ascend screen
  • put an “Ascend” button that moves the Troop up one tier per click
  • made the Ascend animation take one quarter the duration
  • Instead of doing the Ascend animation then doing the server communication (which causes an additional unnecessary delay) do the server communication in the background while the Ascend animation plays

That alone would require no meaningful change and would not (as I understand it) introduce any new mechanism for users to ‘screw up’. If the system were streamlined such that I only had to click once per Ascend and didn’t make me repeatedly watch tedious animations for no reason, I’d be 99% happy. Any more than that and I’d burst.